Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 16 Food Journaling

Today the challenge wants me to keep a food journal for 30 days. I have kept my promise to keep it for a week so far and maybe I have gotten myself in the habit now to continue on. I hoping for a very happy fourth of July I may be back and share more about my day later. Well I have been so tired today. I did not do very much exercise today. I went to the mall and walked around and I walked with my family this afternoon but not as far as usual. I am going to do my best to my little exercise regiment that I found online. I lost another pound this today and I hope that I did not put it back on for having a bad day. I have been very hungry this evening and knowing that there is a box of chocolate poptarts in the the pantry is driving me insane. I have followed my day 16 challenge of praying instead of eating. So far I have not eaten the poptarts. I did stay under my points today even though I had more than yesterday. Well I will get off of here and see you in the morning.

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