Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 15 Food is Fuel

Today the challenge is to only eat food to fuel our bodies don't use food as an medication to fix all that is going on in our lives. You know I never understood this until I was in my later 20 and after I had children. I would gain weight but I could always lose back down if I tried. I always knew that we as humans have used food when we are happy or sad. To celebrate something special or to honor someone. we use it to comfort our feelings, and to make all problems of the world to go away. I think about my father and his addiction with alcohol and know truly understand that I have a food addiction just like he did with alcohol. I am coming to find out that I am more and more like my daddy the older I get. I don't have the cravings to drink alcohol but I do crave food all of the time and when it taste really good I want more even though I can barley move because I am so full. I eat because I want comfort, or I want something I can control but not really control. Does this make since? I can and I can't control food. I can eat all I want for spit, for anger and just because I am not going to let anyone tell me I can not eat it or I thought you were on a diet. I don't have control when it comes to eating just because when supposedly nothing is wrong and I am happy. I need to really work on this problem. I need to eat food for fuel instead of being an emotional eater.I need to really take control and use food properly for fuel and treat my body the way God intended us to do. When I get ready to eat I need to ask myself if I am eating because I am hungry of if I am trying to feel an empty spot in my heart that should be filled with God instead of food. The book tells me to use this technique over and over that it will be hard at first but I will soon learn that food is for fuel not a way to make us happy. I will work of this because it is important to me to take control of food in my life even if I have to learn to take it one day at a time just like my mom tried to enforce into my brain for years. I thing I will try this and see if I can succeed. 

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