Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 5 Faith matters

Today the challenge wants to know if I have any unforgivness in my heart. At this time I don't have any anger toward anyone. I do have aggravation toward many though. Is this the same? No but I do spend way to much time being aggravated. I hate that my extended family does not have anything to do with each other since my granny passed and my parents. I hate that my sibling can not find time to communicate with me at least once a week. I hate that we have to struggle way to much with money. I hate that fragile x gets in the way a lot. I hate a dirty house but I hate to clean it because it does not stay clean. So I do have a lot of things that bother me. I was asked by a dear friend to try and find my inner peace and I promised I would work on that this summer. So today I got out my Bible and read it, and I meditated for 10 minutes after I did my exercise. Maybe I will get to the point that I don't let things aggravate me so much.

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