Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Praying Mantis and Persimmons

It was so hot today. I went outside and was just standing in the yard and sweating. I feel really bad for the ones who have to work outside in this heat. Ok enough whining. We went out to grandma's to check on the tomatoes and get some potatoes. The tomatoes are done the heat and some kind of weird looking bug is sucking spots on them. But my cotton is so pretty! The Farmer took pictures of me and the cotton.
Me with the cotton

One short row the other is behind me

I can not wait until it actually has cotton on it. I hope to make some crafts with it. We also looked at the persimmon trees. It is unbelievably how big they are. 
Size of a ping pong ball

There are limbs almost touching the ground.

This limb broke out of the tree. Look how many is on it. 
We also saw the biggest praying mantis today. 

back side of it

Isn't it so beautiful. 
I bought me a cute little solar lantern Sunday. I need to turn my flash off and take a picture of it in the dark. Hey this reminds me see the little hydrangea plant growing down below. I rooted this off another plant that I have not had any luck getting it to bloom. I hope that this one will grow and bloom one day. 

I started my new devotion and I am really liking it so far. I have been 2 days without cookies and trying hard not to eat after supper. I hope that I can really make this commitment and lose some weight before August is over. 

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed my post.


  1. Stay strong with your goals, Vicki! You're doing great!

  2. Vickie, you look so pretty!! I love the cotton. What a good idea. I think you and the farmer can grow anything! and those persimmons really are unbelievable! Did I tell you that I bought a little persimmon tree last year at Walmart. It was reduced at the end of the season, and looked pretty bad. Well, I planted it, and was shocked a week or so ago to find that it has about 15 persimmons growing on it. You take care. I love you!


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