Friday, July 21, 2017

Ladies night out...

I got to have another ladies night out. One of my friends in the neighborhood had a pool party for the moms at church. Each was a very good night.

Here is the table of food we had


Good conversation

Doesn't the pool look inviting 

The group of ladies
I really wish we had a pool. I have always wanted one. When I was little I tried digging one in the back yard when we lived in Rockingham. My dad worked for the parks and recreations and I could go swimming everyday in the pool. I loved it. I have always had a love for water. The beach,  the river and swimming pools. Now that I am adult I don't have much chances to do any of them like I did when I was young. 

It was a great night and I hope she does another one before the summer is over. 

On another note a sweet little puppy showed up out at grandmas house today. I really wanted to keep him but it is not the right time to have a puppy. It was a little yappy puppy. 

We feed him and gave him water and was trying to find him a home but he left unless he is back tomorrow morning. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. That pool does look good...especially on this HOT day! I'm glad you went to the party. It looks like fun and looks like a nice group of women. You look so pretty Vickie! Poor little skinny puppy. I'm glad you fed him. I always hate when someone drops out a dog close to us. Knowing we can't keep another one and I feel so sorry for it, my heart just breaks. Love you Vicki!


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