Monday, April 24, 2017

21 days... and life.

I am starting a new 21 day challenge tomorrow. It is a legs and gluts challenge along with a 3 day detox/fast! I am hoping this will be the kick in the but that I need to get my weight loss going down again. I really want to lose 10 or more pounds before vacation time. I am excited and I will try to keep you updated as it goes.

My uncle Carlton passed away this week it was so sad. I hate it for my Aunt Betty and my cousins Sandra, Patricia and Debbie. I went to the funeral and it has gotten where funerals are like family reunions. I rode with my cousins Kim and Karen and my aunt Goody. I love spending time with them It was my Aunt Goody's 85 birthday. I have a lot of good childhood memories. I walked down and looked at my Granny's house. It was kinda of sad seeing the place look different.

Our potato patch is looking good. It is really starting to grow.

The farmer using his grandpa's tiller

I walked around in the yard and took some pictures of my plants 

My peony

my roses

I am not sure what this bush is but it smells so good!!!

My snowball bush. 

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  1. Pretty sure that bush that smells so good is a mock orange. Smells like orange blossoms. Snowball bushes are my favorite!

    1. Thanks it does smell really good. Thanks for following me!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle Carlton. Time flies, doesn't it Vicki. How did I get to be an old lady!!! I love that picture of The Farmer plowing. That would look good enlarged and framed and on the wall. It looks like a farmhouse picture. Your flowers are so pretty. We are really getting the rain...all day yesterday, today, and they say tomorrow too! Love you, Vicki.

    1. I know time does not slow down at all. Love you so much and you are not old!

  3. Vicki, your flowers are beautiful! I am sorry about your uncle Carlton. The generations are passing by. Whew!
    Love you, dear cousin!


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