Sunday, January 8, 2017

FOOD, Freezing rain, sleet and snow....

Well the first week of the new year has not started off as planned. I was all prepared to get back on track with my eating/counting calories. Also started my new exercise program  Hammer and Chisel. I have eaten horrible and have not kept track of my food intake because it has been that bad. I have been eating Toll House Chocolate chip cookies the refrigerator kind that you bake. I have had chips, chips and salsa with melted cheese. Biscuits and jelly good homemade blackberry jelly from my friend. And today I had Krispy Kream doughnuts. Am I suppose to be on a diet or eating healthy? What happen to me? Like before I have kept up the exercise like a good little exerciser, but the healthy eating went down the drain. I was so happy that for most part I only gained a little over a pound for the holidays. Since January 1 I have gained another pound. Actually I am not sure my scales are right I think the battery is just about dead

No I did not eat all the ones that are gone but I helped a lot!

Well all of this cold weather has made it so easy to eat. Also the boys have had some cold with mostly snot but I feel like I am catching some of it today. My throat is a little sore feeling. We have a new flock supervisor or we call him a chicken man. He went bear hunting and brought us some bear meat. I cooked it and made a big pot of veggie/bear soup and it was so yummy!

bear meat yummy!
I have also been crocheting trying not to snack so much. I made a few more messy bun hats 
My first crochet flower

made this for a friend

made a pair of fingerless gloves

Made these for my friends.

Now to get to the snow, sleet and freezing rain. I so wanted some pretty snow. I love to watch big snowflakes falling to the ground but it all started as freezing rain and sleet. During the night and until 12 noon the next day it snowed. Not a big accumulation but it did snow. 

End of the chicken house

Farmer taking the bobcat to clear the driveway

Ice on the pecan trees

Mama cow

I tried to get Jimmy to look but this is all I got out of him

Sun and snow across the pasture

Farmer working

Farmer working

Farmer working

Bird feeders in the snow only word came for a picture

House in the snow

My grapevine tree and snowman

My little snowman in the snow
I am ready for it to get a little warmer this 9* at night is to cold. Hope everyone stays warm.
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  1. Vicki, your snow pictures are so pretty! I could not help but notice that FOOD was in big letters. Yes, I understand. It does the same thing to me. Today is a new day, and you've got this!
    I love you
    PS -- You do a great job at the hats!!!

    1. Thank you Lynn. The struggle with food is real!

      Love you!


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