Saturday, October 29, 2016

Only 9 weeks until a New Year....

I read a blog this week about 9 things to do to lose weight before the new year. The very first one is to start now and not to wait to Monday or the beginning of the month but that is what I am doing. Starting Monday morning I am going to lose another 10 pounds before the first of the year. I have been struggling all year to lose weight and promising myself that I can do this. I sat down tonight and figured out exactly what I have lost since starting the 21 day fix exercise program. I started April 11, 2016 I have done 7 rounds of it. I also got Country heat another beach body exercise and I have done 2 rounds of it. I have lost a total of all over 29 inches but only 15.2 pounds. I know why I have not lost much more weight because I do not have my eating under control. How can a person be so committed to exercise but can not stop eating?

I have purchased Faithfully Fit A 40 day devotional plan to end the yo-yo lifestyle of chronic dieting. I am hoping to blog on my journey of this devotion. Prayers that I will be successful.

The other day I was sitting outside in my swing when I heard a noise behind me. I looked real quick and there sit a Tufted Titmouse bird. This is a picture of one I took a last year. They are such interesting birds and they are very curious bird. I have been hunting with the farmer and they will fly right up to the tree stand and look at you.


Well today I was sitting in the swing and heard the same type noise at the bird made but when I look it was a chipmunk. I had my phone in my hand and snapped a picture and to my surprise I got him. He is so tiny but he is int eh middle of the leaves you have to look close. 

Well thanks for stopping by. I hope to be doing better with God, weight loss and and blogging. 


  1. Only nine weeks until the new year! Vicki, that is unbelievable! I missed your last post until now. I love your grandma's house and the old barn and the trees! Will you be moving into the house? I hope so. Oh, I would love to have a farm house and farm that looks like that. You are so lucky. Time flies, doesn't it? Looks like Seth had a happy birthday. Sorry I missed saying happy birthday. Good luck with your dieting. 15 pounds sounds like a lot to me. You are stronger and got more will power that anybody I know! I love you Vicki. Aunt Melba


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