Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring on the Farm

My favorite time of the year. Grass is getting green, the leaves are coming out and calves are being born. The crappies are starting to bite again and I can get out and walk again. I love this time of the year.

Seth catching crappies at the pond all together we caught 30 good size crappies.
 Here are a few pictures of the new calves. Also of our bull Jimmy. Jimmy was feeling good about being moved over to the pasture with the new green grass so he showed off for me. I just love him!

These are my tulips in my flower garden. They have 13 buds/blooms on them. 

The farmer got a new tractor and we are all excited about it!

Well this was mostly pictures but I have neglected my blog because I have only had negative things to say so I just have not blogged. I hope that I can get back with some good things to say. 

Thanks for stopping by.