Monday, October 5, 2015

The weather....The

Well I am so grateful for the rain It has really helped our pastures. They are so much greener. Now maybe the cows will have grass until winter. I am ready to see the sun though. I am missing walking every morning. The rain did cause havoc in so many place in South Carolina. I will be praying for the people that were affected by all of the flooding. We experienced a huge oak tree uprooting in our yard. It was scary because it happened at 1:30 am. The tree landed on our power line that runs to our house. The line broke and landed on top of our house and was laying in the yard right beside the house. I had to call 911 to find out what we needed to do. The power company showed up and fixed the line and everyone was safe. So thankful for the fire department and the linemen who came out in the rain to fix it all.
Udder Mama has been in the mud.

The big tree

took up the cotton bushes as well

The hole and roots. 
Now for the clean up. The Farmer has been working all day to get it all cleaned up. 

I have started a new journey. I am trying hard to find my happy healthy self. I saw on the news tonight about 365 days of Joy. I know that it is not possible to be happy everyday all day long but I can find some Joy and something to be Thankful for everyday. I am also going to try real hard to lose the rest of the weight I need to lose. I am going to try Trim Healthy Mama. 

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  1. That is a huge tree! And that red dirt! It looks like a little orange/red dye was added to the soil. I had forgotten how red the dirt is up that way. No wonder we used to ruin our clothes when we were little, sliding down that high bank at Mary and Clyde's. Good luck with your new diet. Sometimes it just feels good to start something totally new. That could be you and Cindy on the cover. :) I haven't heard of that diet. Love you Vicki.


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