Sunday, August 30, 2015

As August Ends...

Tomorrow is the last day of August. School has started back around here and I am thankful once again that my children are out. I do have to admit that I do sometimes miss teaching and I have been praying if I should go back to college and finish my Special Ed Teaching degree. I just don't know if it is what I should do. I don't want the stress worrying about passing the praxis test over again that including math. I hate math and I am horrible at it. I have considered getting a 4 year degree in Birth thru Kindergarten or even in social service. I just don't know what God's plan is for me and I am not trying to rush him. I know right know that I am suppose to be with my boys and that is what I am doing.

As this month ends I can not help but to think about my mom. August 28 made 22 years that my mom left this earth to be with God in Heaven. I still miss her everyday.

My beautiful mom!!

It is so dry around here. Our pastures are brown with little grass for the cows to eat. We have been buying feed to help them out. There is a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow praying that we get some. Here lately it has been splitting us and going around us. Oh well God will send it when he thinks we need it.

I have not taken many pictures lately just have not been in the mood. I have been walking a lot. A friend of mine wanted to walk a 100 miles for the month of August I have accomplished this. As of tomorrow I should have 107 miles if everything works out. I am so proud of myself. I have lost 2 more pounds making it 5 pounds for August. Yay for me!!  My bible reading is still coming along good. I am on day 308 and I am still enjoying it everyday. I can feel myself being a happier person. It is hard somedays and I really have to work at it. God is good and he helps me find the up in my
Seth walked a mile with me this morning.

I have plans to go and pick grapes on September 8 with Grandma 94, and her sister and my cousins wife, the same ladies that went with me to pick strawberries. I am excited I love grapes.

Well I will end here and I hope to get some grape picking pictures.
Thanks for stopping by. God Bless.

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  1. Oh, your sweet Mother. She was so pretty. I know how much you must miss her. I think about Shirley a lot and miss her too...but I'm sure it is nothing like how you love her and miss her. I love you Vicki.


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