Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1st.....

Today has not been to bad. I have been a little achy in my muscles today but I think it is because of rain coming. We did not get to go to Sunday school this morning because my mother in law has pneumonia for the second time. I know you are probably asking why does that matter? Well I decided when I quit work to stay home with them that I am not going to take them any where by myself where they are not happy. When mamaw is not there my  youngest is not happy. So I did my daily morning bible study at home, took and shower and when the farmer got done doing his farm work we went and got some hot wings at a Zaxby's yummy!! I also made some taco soup  that was delicious.

My aunt Betty is doing better and is suppose to get out of the hospital tomorrow. She is still not back to normal. She still has the blood clot in her lung. She has fluid around her heart and in one of her lungs. The bleeding she had that put her in the hospital is gone. I was really hoping they were going to send her home with home health care but she is not sure something about they don't have any available right now. Oh well please keep her and my mother in law in your prays. 

My moms and nephews birthday was yesterday. I can not believe my mom has been dead for 22 years now. It does not feel like it has been that long. I still miss her so much and wish so many time she was here to see all six of her grandson. My nephew Mason was born on her birthday and he turned 12 years old. Oh how time flies. My brother and his family got a new puppy over the weekend I can not wait to meet her. I will try to post some pictures of her when I can. 

Well it is getting late. Thanks for stoping by,


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  1. Hey Miss Vicki. That taco soup sounds good! Did you know that Andee is a big soup maker? That is one of her favorite things to cook. I'll have to tell her about your recipe. Sure hope your Aunt Betty gets better soon.Gosh, I can't believe it has been 22 years since you lost your Mom. The years go by so fast. I don't know how I missed your last post. I must have had pine straw on my mind! :) Hope you have a good week. I love you!


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