Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Weight loss update....

I love reading weight loss blogs. They motivate me and help make me stay on track. I have mentioned before that I read this one blog that the girl reminds me. I have been where she is so many times it is not even funny. As I read her blog tonight it makes me wish I could help her and tell her there is no easy solution, but I think she knows this deep inside but like me you just wish it could be easier. That you could eat and stop eating without feeling guilty, over whelmed and sick. I am not trying to sell this woman short I just feel her pain.

I hate to exercise because I get so tired and achy. I hate to sweat and it is time consuming of something I really would rather be doing something else. I would rather walk but when I walk I want to walk with speed then I get hot and achy. Every kind of exercise I do now that I am older is just so hard on my knees. I went Monday and exercised with the ladies from the church and then they say they can not do it the rest of the week and not sure when they can again. So I get my 30 day shred dvd out and do it the next day to keep up the exercise and want to really commit to doing it everyday until Christmas. Today I am so sore that I can hardly sit on the toilet. So today I walked on the treadmill a mile and tried to lift a few weights like the dvd, but I am just so sore. I felt guilty because I could not even do my DVD for 3 days in a row. Oh well, I am not going to dwell on it.

I am trying to get my eating under control again and hopefully continue losing weight even if it is slow. It is better seeing the scales move down than up even when that is not often.

I wish I could give you the answer. I wish there was a simple solution to losing weight and keeping it off but nothing in life is easy. I have been struggling with my weight my whole life. I was 5 lbs away from getting my lifetime with weight watchers and what did I do? I gave up and gained it all back plus more. I got up to the heaviest weight I have ever been and that is including being pregnant. I have found stress is the worst trigger for me gaining weight. Feeling sorry for myself, having pity parties, and being angry. I read the book that this blogger recommended about food triggers and the book helped me by helping me with my relationship with God. I have figured out that I need to fix myself spiritually before I can lose the weight and hopefully keep it off.

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  1. I don't think you realize just how strong you are. You have a lot of willpower, Vicki. Lots more than I have. You don't seem to ever give up on something you want. Anybody that tries as hard as you are is bound to reach their goal Love you! You make me want to do more!


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