Thursday, November 20, 2014


I got to go hunting this evening with the farmer. I have not been hunting with him since we have had children. I never really cared for the sitting still when I was young and at times the mosquitos were at times pretty bad. I usually sat on a limb up in a fallen tree with my bottom usually going numb. Oh well we usually saw deer and turkey but I have never saw the farmer kill one and I am not sure if I would really want to see him kill one.

Today was a beautiful evening and times have changed in twenty-five years. Today we hunted in box stand that the farmer and his dad built with a nice comfy office chair in it to sit on. I took my camera hoping to see some wildlife to take a picture of. I did not really see any wild animals but I did take a few pictures.

I enjoyed our hunting even though we did not see a deer but it was great having some alone time with the farmer. 

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  1. Vicki, the pictures are beautiful! I would have been afraid a deer would walk out and I would have to see it get shot. Bet it was fun to just sit there with Frankie and enjoy the quiet. I love Fall...when it's not too cold! Love you!


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