Friday, November 21, 2014

Childhood Memories

       Sitting here tonight thinking about when we lived in Pineville N.C. I was in the second grade my sister was 2 years old and my mom was pregnant with my brother. Back then Pineville was a small town not much to it. We lived in a trailer park called Arrowwood. I have googled mapped to see if it was still and it is. We lived close enough to Carowinds that we could see the space needle ride or Gyro tower and we could also see the fireworks at night.

     I enjoyed living in the trailer park when we first moved there we lived in the very first trailer to your right. The trailer park was in a horse shoe shape. When you first turned in there was a big rock at the entrance. I remember sitting on the rock waiting on the bus with the other kids. I had to have help getting on it. There was also a creek that ran through at the front entrance not far after you got into the trailer park. I remember when it would rain that the creek would flood all the way up to our trailer almost into the door. In the daytime we would get out and play in the water. I remember one night it was raining and the creek had flooded. I was sitting on the floor watching tv and you could hear the cats that had got under the trailer trying to get out of the rain. The water was getting so deep that they could not get out from under the trailer because of the underpinning. They got out and one big tom cat jumped up on the door and tried to get in the windows that were open. It scared the crap out of me. Another time when it flooded all of the kids were out playing in the water. Word got up to our trailer that there was some kids about to drown in the actually creek. My dad got scared and thought it could be me. He ran out and jump into the strong current of the creek and saved two teenage boys lives that got caught in the current. I was no where near the creek I knew better. Not long after this we moved further up the hill so that we would not be in the flooded area anymore.

    Some other memories I had lots of friends in the trailer park and we were always roaming. In the summer time we would walk and visit people that we knew. I knew almost everyone that lived in the trailer park. One day there was a cop siting and watching a trailer and I walked up to see what they were doing. I asked them and they were watching it to see if there was any drug activities going on in it. They showed me a bag of pot. The first time I had ever saw any pot. One night in the summer right before dark we were out roaming around the trailer park and visiting people. Everyone had a long cement patio the same length of the trailer on the front side of the trailers. The people that lived in the trailer had just cooked out and dumped their ashes at the end of the patio going into the driveway. Guess who stepped right in the middle of it and got second degree burns on the bottom of their foot. Yes I was barefooted back then everyone went barefooted. I got my first ride in an ambulance to the hospital. Some of the kids had to run and tell my parents what had happened and my dad rode with me int he ambulance. I remember him having to hold me inside the hospital for what seemed life forever before anyone helped us. I had to wear a cast and I had crutches for what seemed like forever.  Oh I just remembered something else that happened in the same area. I was riding my bike with my friends and a Volkswagen car with a little winnie dog in it. The dog jumped out the window and ran up and bit me on the butt. I had to go to the doctor and get a tetanus shot.  I also broke my arm at school one day while we lived here. I got hurt a lot while we lived here for around two years.

     A lot of stuff went on during these two years some were great memories like going fishing with my dad. My dad bought a boat from a neighbor and we went fishing in lake Wylie a lot. I remember two fishing trips. One of them ended in a a storming and I was terrified of storms. It was raining, thunder and lightening really bad. I remember getting under the nose of the boat scared to death. While mama and daddy got the boat loaded on the trailer. The second memory is  daddy and I were out fishing on Lake Wylie. I was getting impatient like any little kid would that was not catching any fish. I keep throwing and reeling in my fishing pole. The last time I reeled it in and threw it back out I caught my daddy in the chin. Yes with a fishing lure. I could not believe what I had done. My dad try to get it out wiggling and pulling it out and it was caught pretty deep.  He finally got so mad that he yanked it out of his chin. I figured I was in big trouble but he was bleeding so much that he forgot to be mad at me. I don't think he had to get stitches though.


       Well I guess that is enough for tonight. The reason I was coming up with these memories I was watching Duel on tv and the old car reminded me of the old car we had, but I could not remember if it was a Dodge Dart or a Plymouth. I remember that it was green, my sister threw the keys out the window going down the road do paw paw place and another time she feel the gas tank up full of gravel in the drive way. I was thinking memories like these that you can not remember what kind of car it was and you can not call anyone to ask.

Thanks for stopping by. Oh yeah pardon any grammar mistakes I know it has some.

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  1. I can't believe all that happened while you all lived there! I Do not remember you living in Pineville. I do remember you stepping in the hot coals. That had to have been painful. Bless your heart! I never heard about Jackie saving those boys either. I enjoyed reading your memories. I'm telling you, children get into a lot! Love you Vicki!


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