Saturday, August 9, 2014

Feeling Happy!!!!!

Feeling Happy!! I am on the recovery end I do believe of this horrible summer cold. I have never had a summer cold and I can honestly say I never want another one. A winter cold is a breeze compared to this.Sunday it would be going on 4 weeks that I have been sick with a cold. I know a lot of you are probably asking why did I not go to the doctor? Well my answer is I was sick for a good 4 days with snot snot and some more snot. I worked through it. I walked one day 3 miles, picked green beans one day and canned them the next. Yes I did not feel good but not so bad I could not function. Then I went 3 days feeling pretty good then a back set hit me. I went down hill fast with more snot, but this time I got a cough. Did I say a cough


 verb \ˈkf\

: to force air through your throat with a short, loud noise often because you are sick
: to make a noise like that of coughing

I had all of this plus anything else you can think up to go with a cough! I have had very little sleep siting up in the recliner and coughing sipping water and going to the bathroom.  I would drink 32 oz of water during the night just to keep my throat moist. My family has had it to with Seth just having the snot and Clay had a few days of snot. The farmer he never had the snot but he got the horrible, horrific word cough. The kind of cough that makes you lose your breath, makes your ribs hurt, gags you and the phlegm. How can one person make this much snot, phlegm? Well the second round of this cold has lasted  a while and still going on, but with a lot of improvement. I actually slept in 3 hour segments last night. When I would wake up it was from that tickle in my throat of phlegm running. I would have to sit up get some water go bathroom, cough, hack, bark find a cough drop and lay back. Well Praying and hoping and being thankful that I feel better today!!! I still have a scratchy throat and some coughing but I think I might just might be able to get a full night sleep tonight. 


  1. Boy you have been through it this summer! I sure hope you all will be well soon. Feeling happy is a good sign you are getting better. Wonder where a summer cold comes from anyway! I love you Vicki!

    1. Thank you I am so tired of being sick.
      Love you to!


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