Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another pity party about weight

Another diet/pity entry. I am getting so tired of having a summer cold. Just when I thought I was feeling better I had a back set!!! I have sit around in socks, jogging pants and my snuggie just like it is winter time. I have been through 2 boxes of Kleenexes and no telling how much toilet paper and paper napkins. I only lost one  that is one pound in July!!
This made me 35 pounds off!!
I want to get below 200 pounds this month. I have several blogs I follow that are about weight loss and one of them reminds me of me. She has made a challenge for her self in August or actually for 90 days to get to her goal weight. I borrowed her picture to challenge/change. I have a friend that is supporting me everyday! She is doing so much better than I am right and she is giving me support out the ying yang while all I have been doing is wallowing  in my excuses of why I am not able to do it right now. Turning to food instead of finding something else to do.

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