Saturday, June 7, 2014

hay and sick

Sorry I have not wrote a blog post in a while but I have been busy and sick. It is the craziest thing. I have been chasing birds, watching  Farmer has been helping his dad get up hay and me and the boys have been watching him The boys love watching tractors. We sat over in the pasture for 5 1/2 hours watching farmer on the bobcat  unloading hay  and putting it in the barn. My back started hurting while sitting on the Kawasaki mule. I did not feel well that night and I got real cold I was shivering. I took two ibuprofen and went to bed. Thursday we went back to watch farmer load and unload hay. Oh after 50 years of marriage father in law  taught mom to drive the tractor.  She was so proud of herself.

Farmer on bobcat and mama on the tractor

Mama on tractor

Thursday night I went out with the farmer to take a picture of night activities. We walked up to the chicken houses to try to get a picture of the raccoon that is in the compost bin every-night or the owl that we seen up there the night before. Did not get either one. Thursday night I did not sleep worth a crap. I was real restless tossing and turning low back was hurting again I woke up around 4 oclock and had to go to the bathroom. Went back to bed and woke up and 5 am shivering again. I snuggled up real close to the Farmer and put the afghan on. I got up and took some more ibuprofen and went back to bed only waking up around 7 sweating. I got up and went to the zoo with mama in law and the boys. walked the whole zoo felt fine. We went over to the pond and took some pictures of the birds when we got home I started aching and was starting to get cold again. I got my pajamas on and snuggled up in my snuggle with my corn heating pad. I took a short nap and woke up sweating. I sweated until I went to bed. I slept pretty good waking up around 6 am and had to go to the bathroom.When I laid back down I started getting cold. I was shivering and shaking. Farmer woke up and told to go take a hot shower I was so cold I could not get warm. I throw up and was so cold shaking and could not get warm. I got the farmer to take my temperature it was 104.7. I was almost hyper-ventilating. I got the farmer to call his mom to come and see about me. She took me to the ER and I found out that I have a really bad kidney infection. I have never been told that I have ugly urine that it was really bad. I had to be hooked up to an iv for fluids and antibiotic through my iv. I have never had a bladder infection that I did not feel bad. Never thought it was that bad.

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  1. Vicki, bless your heart. It's no wonder you were having chills. You were very sick! Sure hope your are feeling better. I'm glad your mother-in-law came to check on you and carried you to the hospital. You take care of yourself. I love so much! Melba


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