Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

I have not done well on my calorie intake for 3 days now. I am so full right now that I am mad at myself. I have got to get back on track tomorrow. I really wanted to be below or at 200 pounds by the end of June. I just hope I have not gained any weight. I hate having to lose the some pounds over again. 

Today was Father's Day. I have missed my dad today and really wish he was here to spend time with me and my family. I really wish that I had pictures of me and my dad fishing, riding horses, and many other adventures that we had. No available cameras like today. I hope that Farmer had a good Father's Day. I made spaghetti for him which is not really his favorite food but we went to Wendy's and got a frosty in a sugar waffle cone. It was really good!! I think what he is the most happy about is that he is out of chickens. 

Out of chickens
We worked in the garden this weekend. Our garden is looking really good but the weather man is calling for 90's and not much chance of rain. I hope we at least get a pop up. Our garden is really looking good.

Corner view of the garden


Green beans



green beans and tomatoes 

We have 6 tomatoes growing in our cold frame and they are also doing well.

These are as tall as me and Clay.

They are loaded in tomatoes.

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  1. Your garden is really pretty and big! I sure hope the beans will be better this year. Looks like you will have tomatoes soon. I always look forward to that first ripe tomato! Love you Vicki!

    1. It is not real big but we have 4 rows of green beans. We are trying a bush bean this year and we planted one row of yellow beans.


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