Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good Friday

Easter weekend is upon us. Today is Good Friday I was looking forward to a nice weekend but now there is rain in the forecast for Saturday. I am really hoping that this is not going to be another very raining summer, but I guess I am jumping to far ahead since it is still only April. I am looking forward to making Easter lunch though. I have bought  a spiral ham.

I love dogwoods. I wish I had a whole bunch around my house.

My snowball bush. 

My iris are blooming.


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    1. Thanks Karen! Happy Easter to you to!

  2. How did I miss seeing this. Your snowball bush has lots of blooms to be as small as it is. You have a green thumb!! Everything you plant seems to grow good! I am so far behind reading blogs! Maybe now that Poppy is back at work, I can get something done! Love you!

    1. I hope that my snowball bush grows as big as yours and it is not me that has a green thumb that would be the farmer.
      Love you to.


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