Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Garden Club tour of homes.....

      I had a really great day today! My mother in law took me to the Garden Club Tour of homes in Southern Pines for my birthday. It was so much fun! We toured 5 houses and ate lunch at the Country Club of North Carolina. I loved looking at houses and the beautiful way they were decorated. The lunch was delicious. We had sandwich meats, breads, pasta salad, potato salad, salad, and slaw. There was grilled yellow squash, zucchini  and portabella mushrooms. Yummy deserts and the best sweet tea that I have had in a long time. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the yummy food but I just did not think. I did not take the pictures of the houses either. I borrowed these from the web site. I took a few pictures but sometimes I feel like I post more pictures than I do words.

Bryant House

The Bryant house was one of my favorites. The inside that they let us tour was beautiful. So much character. Here are a few pictures that I took here. You were not allowed to take pictures of the inside.

Huggins House
The Huggins house was very pretty to. It had a lot of beautiful stuff also. This house was on the 15th whole in the country club. I loved the outside screened in porch and deck on this house.

Huntley House
This house was very pretty on the inside. The floors were made of pine boards from the owners grandfather's barn. It was beautiful! There was a walk in closet that every woman would love. I really wished I could have taken a picture of it. The shower was unbelievable also. That is the one dream I have to remodel our master bathroom and put a big tile shower in with a place to sit. Kind of like this.

Parson Cottage
This was one of my favorites also. I loved the high ceilings and the coziness of the house.

      I  liked the furnishings and decorations in some of the rooms. One of the end tables was a drum. I thought that was so cool. Well after the tour and the delicious lunch we decided to do a little shopping. We went to Pinecrest Plaza and walked around in the different stores. I enjoyed Pier One and Michael's the best.
      We had a very good time. Even looking at all of these beautiful houses I would not trade my home for any of them. I sometimes think about how much I would like a house but I don't really want to build. I would love to find an old farm house and make it my own, but that takes a lot of money that I am not sure I want to use at my age. I am looking forward to getting on out of debt. We paid our house this year and I am looking forward to remodeling it. I know some people look down on people who own a double wide but it is my home and I love it on our little farm. 


Sorry if this is boring but I had such a great time I wanted to share.


  1. Very cool! I'd love to do a tour like that one day! Reason I don't need a house like that - I would never decorate in my shower! Lol! i do want Ronnie to put me in a tile shower kind of like that. There's nothing wrong with a double wide. It's your home and it's paid for!!!! That's amazing!

  2. Thank you Melissa. Maybe next year you could go with us. We saw Johnna Davis, Jeanen Garner, Laura Moody and Kim Morris They took the day off and done the tour.

  3. This was a fun post. Sounds like a good day and I would love to have been with you! You know, I would not know what to do with a home like one of those. Our little house would probably fit into one of their bathrooms! :) I love your home and farm. Like you, I had rather have an old farm house! Love you, Vicki!!

    1. Love you to Henny. I love your house and I think it is perfect.


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