Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I have wanted to write a blog on getting biddies back in the chicken house. So I finally went up there and took a picture of the biddies 7 days old. Farmer had just moved them out of the brooding section into the next section of the house.

We have had some really nice days in weather lately and I have been enjoying every minute of it. The pollen has been rough though my ears are stopped up and I feel like I have a rope down my throat. I have really been working hard on losing weight and I am not getting anywhere. It is so discouraging to weigh and not lose any weight. I have been tracking my food and exercising everyday. I started yesterday doing the 30 day shred with Jillian Michaels. I have started a challenge with my friend to do it for the 30 days. It is a tough workout but it is only 20 minutes long. I really hope the pounds start coming off. I really got to get off this weight. 

Well I will keep you updated. I am keeping track of my measurements this time. Not much of a post so thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014


I really find it funny how things bother you even when you say they don't. I was just a little sad yesterday. Why you might ask?? Yesterday my students went to special olympics and to the prom. I feel a little left out even though I do not want to go back to work. I am loving being at home again and not having to worry about taking the boys to school anymore. Here are my girls getting 1st and 2nd place in the shock put. My boys never really liked going to or doing the olympics which makes me sad but me or the farmer never were into sports either. After the olympics they went to the prom. I am so glad they got to go to the prom.

Mayra and Ashley

Sorry about the quality of the prom picture but I stole it of my dear friend and former teacher I worked with. 
Joan and Ashley

Some people are meant to be special ed teachers and she was one of them. She is retired and still goes back and takes her students to the prom. This will be her last student that she taught before she retired.  I miss teaching but I have to think about my children. I read a blog last night that was talking about her son growing up and what kind of placement or services he would receive after high school. Talking about building the perfect group home for her son and his friends. I have the same dream but I don't see the opportunity every happening. I would rather have the resources for a day center for all special ed adults. I know they have programs at the local community college and a program called Monarch but I am not interested in these for my sons. As their mother I know there needs and how independent they can be. Oh well I am starting to ramble. 

I just pray, keep my eyes open and my ears listening while I wait to see where God takes me next. I know that he has a plan for me, my boys and the farmer. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A great day!

    I had a really good day yesterday. I thought it was going to start off bad by waking up before 8:00 am. I know this seems late to a lot of you but I stay up most nights until 1:00 am. This morning I got up around 7:15. The farmer has been having trouble with getting one of his feed bin hoppers fixed that has been broke in the chicken house since we got chickens back a week ago. My oldest son was going to spend some time with his pops today so the farmer, me and youngest son were going to a wielder to fix the hopper and to get some supplies for the chicken house. We took Seth to pops house and mamaw came out and asked Clay if he wanted to go to the zoo. Yes he did , he climbed out of the truck really quick. Clay loves women sunglasses thanks to his teachers during his time in elementary school.

Clay and Mamaw at the zoo.
The farmer and I went on to Biscoe and got a ham biscuit from Bojangles. We also got up with the wielder and he said he would be able to fix the hopper. We got the other supplies he needed from Jack's Supply.
We headed home and I changed clothes and took a 3 mile walk. It was so nice outside yesterday. I enjoyed my walk and I needed the exercise. I have not been able to walk without pain since Monday. I think I forgot to tell you that I invited myself to my friends exercise group at her church that is in walking distant from my house. We did the Jillian Michael workout video that now I want. It is the Jillian Michael Body Revolution.I really enjoyed the time with old friends and meeting new ones. 

I want this. 

Well back to my day. After my walk I sat in the swing with a bottle of water and enjoyed the peace quite. After cooling off I decided to vacuum my car out. The inside has been really dirty with all of the wet weather. I got the vacuum and water hose out and clean my car some not good but it looks so much better. To finish my day off really good I got to sit out in the sun for around 2 hours. I got a little pink but I am pretty pasty white. The older I get I don't tan as well as I did when I was young  but I love to get a tan. You know what they say "tanned fat looks better than white fat." I hope my fat white legs don't gross anyone out.

sitting in the sun
Oh well I am working on both. I have really buckled down on my diet or healthy eating again. While the Farmer and I were out yesterday we stopped at P.R. Moore's and got some really good fruit. We got the sweetest cantaloupe that I have had in a really long time. They have a little bit of everything in here and at a reasonable price.  We also got some really yummy pimento cheese that is homemade from Lexington NC.

Love this place!!

The Farmer got his feeder fixed I had a relaxing day. Seth enjoyed his time with his pops and made him a little money and to make everything else really great Clay had a really good day. No meltdowns all day!! He even tore his pants and did not get mad. I love days like that!!! 

Well thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


      I am one happy woman today. I got and unexpected gift from one of my Aunts. I called her and had a very nice long talk with her. I miss seeing my family so much and I really enjoy talking with them on the phone every chance I get. The sad part of talking with my family is that I just do not get to see them as much as I would love to. When your parents die so young and you have children with intellectual disabilities such as Fragile X Syndrome you just don't get to visit people and invite people to your house.

My gift I received today!

Here is the display I finally put up for my apron and bonnet. 

     We had a great talk and we talked about ice cream and how we love to eat at Dairy Queen. I told her it was so wet and rainy that we probably would not drive and get one today, also it is about an hour away to the nearest Dairy Queen. But guess what the Farmer started wanting some ice cream to so we headed to Albemarle and got us a mini blizzard. 

I tried the Pecan Turtle Blizzard it was YUMMY!

Well thanks for stopping by. God Bless and Happy Easter to everyone!

Good Friday

Easter weekend is upon us. Today is Good Friday I was looking forward to a nice weekend but now there is rain in the forecast for Saturday. I am really hoping that this is not going to be another very raining summer, but I guess I am jumping to far ahead since it is still only April. I am looking forward to making Easter lunch though. I have bought  a spiral ham.

I love dogwoods. I wish I had a whole bunch around my house.

My snowball bush. 

My iris are blooming.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


       I am sitting here putting off going to exercise. Yesterday I did the Jillian Michael 's 30 day shred video and today I am so sore. I know the cliche "No pain no gain" but I really hate pain. I also now I need to go work out the pain and do it again today but I am searching for motivation. Yesterday I found a bathing suit I would really like to buy and that motivated me to go exercise. Today I can not fool myself in to thinking I will look good in that bathing suit. Oh well, it is not all about a bathing suit. I need to get healthy for me so that I will have more energy, ward off getting health problems from being over weight and just feel better about myself. 50 years old is slowly (quickly) slipping up on me and I had so many goals for myself before I hit 45 and I did not accomplish them. God and life has a way of changing things for you. I have figured one thing out for sure I need to eat more vegetables and fruit. I do not eat enough of these food items and I am to quick to turn to something quick. When I did weight watchers I always ate lots of vegetables and fruit. I eat more fruit now than I do vegetables and fruit can be fattening. I went out and bought the Hungry girls diet book but I have only read the first page. I saw a book an Rachel Ray this morning by Bob Harper from the biggest loser with 350 calories or less meals. I sometimes wish that I had a personal meal planner. I would cook it but I would love to have simple menus with ingredients always available. I might have to check his book out. just to see if it could be simple.

      Oh well I did get off of here and walked on my treadmill for 2 miles in 34.4 minutes. That made me feel good about myself. Also for lunch I had green giant brussel sprouts, a cut up tomato and 1/2 of  a banana. So I got some vegetables and fruits in and plans for more tonight. Well thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Out and about....

 What a beautiful day today. Despite all of the people that were out and about also enjoying the day we had a good day. We went over to Albemarle to Wal-Mart today. We enjoy going over to Albemarle compared to Asheboro or Pinehurst. It was a wonderful spring day. We got some KFC and went to eat a picnic at Baden Lake but there was some many people there we ended up eating in the car. We went to wal-mart because I wanted to buy somethings I normally don't like to waste money on. My birthday is Monday and farmer has been asking me what I want for my birthday. I told him I really want a new lap top but I know we can not afford that right now so I bought a few things a wal-mart that have been wanting. We also got a blizzard at Dairy Queen. We took a ride afterward and I got to takes some pictures of a jake turkey in a field.

I did not know until I looked at the pictures there was another one in the woods
When we got home we changed clothes and went over to the pond and went fishing for a little while. We caught a few crappies.
Seth and his fish

Farmer and his fish bigger than it looks

A pair of geese guarding their nest.

We had a great day.  Tomorrow is my birthday I will be 47 years old. Where has time gone?


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Garden Club tour of homes.....

      I had a really great day today! My mother in law took me to the Garden Club Tour of homes in Southern Pines for my birthday. It was so much fun! We toured 5 houses and ate lunch at the Country Club of North Carolina. I loved looking at houses and the beautiful way they were decorated. The lunch was delicious. We had sandwich meats, breads, pasta salad, potato salad, salad, and slaw. There was grilled yellow squash, zucchini  and portabella mushrooms. Yummy deserts and the best sweet tea that I have had in a long time. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the yummy food but I just did not think. I did not take the pictures of the houses either. I borrowed these from the http://www.southernpinesgardenclub.com/ web site. I took a few pictures but sometimes I feel like I post more pictures than I do words.

Bryant House

The Bryant house was one of my favorites. The inside that they let us tour was beautiful. So much character. Here are a few pictures that I took here. You were not allowed to take pictures of the inside.

Huggins House
The Huggins house was very pretty to. It had a lot of beautiful stuff also. This house was on the 15th whole in the country club. I loved the outside screened in porch and deck on this house.

Huntley House
This house was very pretty on the inside. The floors were made of pine boards from the owners grandfather's barn. It was beautiful! There was a walk in closet that every woman would love. I really wished I could have taken a picture of it. The shower was unbelievable also. That is the one dream I have to remodel our master bathroom and put a big tile shower in with a place to sit. Kind of like this.

Parson Cottage
This was one of my favorites also. I loved the high ceilings and the coziness of the house.

      I  liked the furnishings and decorations in some of the rooms. One of the end tables was a drum. I thought that was so cool. Well after the tour and the delicious lunch we decided to do a little shopping. We went to Pinecrest Plaza and walked around in the different stores. I enjoyed Pier One and Michael's the best.
      We had a very good time. Even looking at all of these beautiful houses I would not trade my home for any of them. I sometimes think about how much I would like a house but I don't really want to build. I would love to find an old farm house and make it my own, but that takes a lot of money that I am not sure I want to use at my age. I am looking forward to getting on out of debt. We paid our house this year and I am looking forward to remodeling it. I know some people look down on people who own a double wide but it is my home and I love it on our little farm. 


Sorry if this is boring but I had such a great time I wanted to share.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Time

It has been a while since I have blogged. I stop by everyday and read the new entries of the ones that I am following. I have not had a lot to talk about. Things have been going pretty good at my house and spring is coming in full blast around here. I have been out in the yard a lot and I am still taking pictures for my photo challenge that I am doing on facebook.
My front side yard.
Gold finch eating thistle

My shirt button bush that I got from my granny's house.

A gold finch in my red bud tree.

We finally sold chickens and been able to go out to the Indian Mound and Morrow Mountain. We had a good time walking around on this warm day. Morrow Mountain is one of my favorite places to go. I remember when we lived in Pineville when I was young and going fishing with my dad at Lake Tillery. We also we there a lot with my Aunt Shelby and her family. I don't ever remember going to Morrow Mountain though. I remember me and daddy use to climb under the old bridge and fish off of it. Lake Tillery has totally changed. There are houses all around the river now and not many places unless you have a boat to fish in. I wish I would have taken some pictures of the bridge maybe next time.

Indian Mound

Indian Mound

The dogwoods are starting to open up

Cherry blossom in Albemarle park where we had a picnic.

(A Japanese Chestnut tree(Castanea crenata) planted by Kron still thrives and is listed in North Carolina's Champion Big Tree Database.)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morrow_Mountain_State_Park

I am going to start today trying real hard to get back on track with my weight loss. Only 7 more days until my 47 birthday. I went for my annual yearly check up April 1st and I had lost 25 pounds since the last year when I went to the doctor. I was proud of myself and I want to get back on track and lose about 25 more pounds before vacation. I am still way over weight and could stand to lose 50 pounds all together. So if I could just lose 25 by vacation I would be tickled pink!! This is me on our day out I wanted to go see the camaro. I really want to see the new firebirds. I love camaros and firebirds. Farmer liked the corvette.