Monday, March 3, 2014

Things I want for the farm

Getting excited we bought some muscadine grape vines to plant. We got some post to put them and  now to wait to the weather clears up again. I love when we buy new stuff for the farm. We are talking about so many things we want to add to the farm this year. I for sure want a dog. I want a greenhouse, some honey bees, a building to clean out my closets and get my house organized. I want a tiller, some trash cans full of potting soil, lots of seeds to plant. I want some of the old timey seeds like the cox combs, touch me nots, and bachelor buttons. I want a female persimmon tree and one more blueberry bush. I am ready to work in my garden and get some flowers in the ground. I want to start my herb garden again and brings some new rocks and dirt in an existing flower bed.
my post for the grapes

my grapes
But today it rained most of the day and then we had some sleet.
out my front door.

on my front steps.

Well maybe spring will come soon. I think we might get some more wintry weather Thursday. We will see.


  1. Your list of things you want for the farm looks a lot like my list every spring! :) Hope you get the grapevines in the ground soon. It never fails...just get all excited about planting something and it sleets or snows. Sure hope spring gets here soon. Have you ever seen such a winter! We have about an inch of sleet and snow on the ground this morning and 15 degrees! Love you!

    1. I am hoping for spring to! I would love to have some more animals like some goats, a pig, and a donkey.

      Love you Henny!


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