Monday, March 24, 2014

Peaches and other stuff

I am hating this cold weather again. I am hoping and praying that this cold weather does not kill the peaches. We took a ride down to Candor NC to see if the peach trees were blooming yet and they were. They are glorious. I can already taste a big sweet juicy peach.

I love peaches fresh, in cobblers, and in ice cream. I hope that it does not get as cold as they say but the farmer said there was a frost this morning here but we do live a little farther north than Candor. 

I am still doing my photo contest. This time I am doing two different ones and I am having a lot of fun with it.It keeps me thinking and planning how to get the perfect picture. Some of my favorites have been the moon.

Do you see the man on the moon?

I found 4 men faces on this moon it is so crazy. I never knew that you could see a man's face on the moon until now. I also love the close up of the my calf.

This next picture is of a house at the end of my road. I have loved this house every since I laid eyes on it. The prompt today was style and since I have no style, I went with my style of house I want to own and live in. 

I love this house. There is not a lot I would change about it even like it is. 

I could see this on my farm or if I found a house like this and had the money to fix it up I would buy it. I think it is so sad to see a house like this to just fall in. Oh well maybe one day. 



  1. Vicki, I always knew we were a lot alike but really! That house! I love it too. Dan always says, Mel, there is no way we could live in something like that. Only your Dad, you, and I, would want that house! I love your pictures. Mama used to always be saying something about the man in the moon. When we were little she would say that little poem..."The man in the moon, looked out of the moon, looked out of the moon and said, it' time for all little boys and girls to be thinking about going to bed". Love you!

  2. Awww Henny, I love that poem I have never heard it before. You are right not many people see the beauty in old stuff especially a house. Thank you for sharing the poem.
    Love you!

  3. Hey! Just checked in to see if you had posted anything. Are we trying to see who can go the longest without posting? :) Seriously, it has been so busy around here and with a new puppy! You forget how much time it takes to raise a puppy. We are enjoying him though! Hope leaving you a comment like this is ok. Love you and miss you! I have got to come up with something to post!


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