Sunday, March 16, 2014

My weekend

I have been slack on blogging . I have started a blog almost everyday since the last entry but would end up deleting it. I even posted one for about 5 minutes only coming back and deleting it. I have a few things I want to share today though. First thing this past week was the 21st anniversary of my dads death. You never know how even after this long it will make you have a sad day. My dad passed away on March 12, 1993. It is still had for me to believe sometimes that he never got to see on of his wonderful grandsons. He would be in hog heaven having 6 grandsons that love the outdoors.

6 grandson

Frank, my dad, and me

The blog I wrote and deleted was about Clay and him dropping his ipod and cracking the screen again after about 2 weeks. We had it fixed and went and bought him a new 40 dollar case that lasted about the same amount of time. Clay kept taking the case off and on until he broke the case to where it had to be threw away. So depressing on how many things get broke and tore up but that is the life and day of Fragile X.

Also this week I dedicated myself back to exercising and tracking my food on my fitness pal. I did good for 4 days in a row and I did not lose anything and got very upset and aggravated with myself falling back into eating bad, Friday night and Saturday. I am back on track today and I want to get my measurements to keep track of that to. A dear friend of mine that I follow her blog and on face book has been on track and inspiring me. She has 4 small children and has found time to exercise. She inspired me to try the couch to 5 k app but I can not jog or run the amount of time that is required to do this even on day 1. I really need to lose some more weight to get to the point where I can jog or run.

My little sister that is not little anymore but a great sister, mom and wife. She had her 41st birthday on March 14. She shares her birthday with our nephew Jack. Seth , Frank and I face-time with her on her birthday.

My Sister and her family

On March 14 2014 around 9:30 p.m. something tragic happened. A young girl that Seth went to school with was killed in a car wreak. She was a beautiful and full of life. She is the wagon masters Odell Hussey granddaughter and has became a sweet young friend to me on face book.  She was going to college and following her dreams. She loved to hunt, fish and she dearly loved her animals. She has a pet squirrel named Twitchy, a pet heifer cow that she could ride on her back, a cat and her baby goats. She also loved horses.
I loved seeing her bright and cheerful post on fb everyday several times a day like a young person should. She will be missed by so many. This makes you want to hug your children a little closer, and always remind them no matter how many times they roll their eyes at you that you love them and to be careful!
Stacie on her cow Nova

Stacie and her baby goats

Stacie and twitchy

Just go With the Flow of life, live for the moment, and take it all in, because once its gone, its gone. It just becomes another memory of the past♥  October 24, 2013 By: Stacie Williams

 We had a wonderful day on Saturday March 15. My brother and his family came for a visit and to celebrate his little boy "Jack" Jasper Augustus Thomas 4th birthday. Jack had been wanting to have a 4-wheeler birthday so we invited him to come and spend the day on our farm. I found out what he wanted to eat hot dogs and cup cakes. So I fixed his what he wanted.We had a great time making Jack the center of attention for the day. We took him on a hay ride, let him drive the mule, see all the animals on the farm, climb up in the tree stand, and sit on the four-wheeler. We offered to let him ride it to but he did not want to.

Having a cup cake
opening present

On the bobcat

On the hay ride

Judson on the hay ride

Jack on 4-wheeler

Jack and his dad in the tree-stand

Judson picking flowers in the pasture
Well that about sums up my weekend. Me and the boys went to Sunday school this morning and are planning on laying around being lazy on this raining day. 

Hope you enjoyed and have a bless day.


  1. Remembering your Dad causes you to look back at some happy times. We do remember those times of loss. It's a goo d thing we do think back.

    1. Thank you Red, it does bring back great memories.

  2. Vicki, what a sweet post. Your Dad would have loved all those Grandsons. Wouldn't he be surprised at all boys! I am so sorry about your friend. She was so beautiful! How sad. I'll tell you what! Dieting has got to be the hardest thing to do! Why is it so hard to do??? I love that picture of you, Frank, and your Dad. You are beautiful, Vicki! I love you! Melba

  3. Henny, He would be so proud and surprised that he had all boys. Thank you for the kind words for my friend. It is still hard to believe. The answer to dieting is that they put something in food to make it taste way to good so it is impossible to stop eating eat. That is all I can figure out. Food that is good for you don't taste near as good.
    Love you , Vicki

  4. Love this post! But I love you more! And you brought a tear to my eye talking about me. ;) You CAN do this! Your dad would have loved all those boys, I'm sure! They're a handsome crew! Sorry about're a great mom! I am so sad about Stacie. She was such a sweet girl. She will be missed. Little Jack's party looks like fun! And it was a beautiful day! And how sweet that Aunt Vicki made him what he wanted! Hope you have a good week!


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