Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Keeping your mouth shut????

Do you ever wish that you could keep your mouth shut? You would think after almost 47 years of life that a person could learn to keep their mouth shut. I have said so many things and five minutes after it come out of my mouth I am like "Why?"

I have said things that make people really mad and then I worry that I have made that person mad and end up apologizing over and over.  I have said things that make people really sad. I have said things that make people question my intelligence. I have said things that when I get home alone I run everything back through my mind trying to remember if I said anything wrong. I have prayed to keep my mouth shut but God can not always put his hand over my mouth. Sometimes I say something that I have no idea that it is going to make the other person mad or upset. 

I just need to keep my mouth shut. Always think before I speak so that I can live with what I said with out feeling guilty for what my mouth let fly out. 

I guess that I might learn one day but for now I will not worry about it any longer. I will just pray and hope that what came out of my mouth will be forgotten and life will go on. 


  1. Vicki, if you only knew how much your post hits home with me! Seriously! I have prayed many times that God would help me to think before I say things. That first quote by Mark Twain has always been my favorite! You are so sweet. I can not imagine you ever saying the wrong thing. I love you!

    1. Henny, I love you to. I seem to say the wrong things more when I am happy and relaxed or if I am mad. I just don't think and there it comes right out of my mouth before I have a chance to stop it or change my mind.

  2. It's normal for people to feel that they say something inappropriate. These people probably rarely say anything offensive. There are other people who go out of their way to say something offensive. They probably never feel remorse. So sometimes we suffer anxiety and it;s usually unnecessary. Have a great and wonderful day!


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