Monday, March 10, 2014

Day light Savings time

I have not had a lot to say lately on my blog. I would love to come up with something everyday but there is not a lot to write about that would have much interest to any one. We have enjoyed these warm days we finished our grape vines today. I did not have my camera with me to take a picture but I will try to get it tomorrow. I did get out and walked around in my yard and took some picture of all the different places I have daffodils or buttercups which ever one you call them.
A bunch of double ones in my wash tub

A bunch at the bottom of our big tree.

a bunch between two maple trees
Went fishing at the pond and saw some army helicopters

Farm and Seth pressure washed today

a bunch under the dogwood tree
Some at a bare spot under the trees

These were covered with leaves I racked them off after I took the picture

Like I said I don't have much. I hope you enjoyed my little touch of spring.


  1. The trick in blogging is to take something and make it into a good story! There you go. Run with some ideas.

  2. I want to steal your daffodils! We have 10 acres and NOT ONE daffodil! Every year I say I'm going to plant some, but I always wait too late!

  3. Oh I did enjoy your touch of spring! Daffodils and Violets remind me of mama. She always wanted to pick a few of each and bring them inside. Vicki, I promise I am going to get your bonnet in the mail soon, and a picture of mama. I can't seem to get anything done lately! I love you!


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