Tuesday, February 4, 2014

God Grandparents

Today the Farmer and I have be asked to be God Grandparents to a sweet little boy that I absolutely love!!

Jace Duckworth
I have known his mom Jamie Lauren Turner Duckworth for around 5 years. She is a great girl that has grown in to a beautiful wife, and mother. She has a special place in my heart for always thinking about Seth my oldest son. She was also born the day after Seth a year later. I went to high school with her mom.

This is Jamie, Casey and Jace on her wedding day.
She honored this role as God Grandparents because she knows that I will never have grandchildren and she wants to share babies with me. I am so happy. I always think about not getting to have a grandchild so this touches my heart more than I can. 


  1. That is so special Vicki. He is a cute little boy. His parents look like they would be so nice. Aren't they both cute!

    1. You are so special to me Vicki. I love you very much!!!
      Aunt Melba

  2. This brought a tear to my eye! She is a great girl! And you're going to be a wonderful God Grandma!

    1. She even asked me what I wanted Jace to call me. I just love her and Jace. I don't know her husband very well but he seems really nice to.


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