Thursday, February 20, 2014


As much as I love spring and the beginning of new life. Flower and trees budding out and warmer weather I still love winter. I love snow!!! The farmer's cousin lives in Minnesota and they are having a blizzard right now. His wife just posted pictures and the snow is beautiful!
Is this not beautiful!!!
Sometime I think I was suppose to live where there is a lot of snow. I know that they are ready for spring. She always as beautiful flowers in the spring and summer!
We got out and enjoyed the warm weather today while trying to dodge the mud. I took some pictures.
My buttercups are starting to bloom

The farmer heading home after having to fix a broken feeder

My calf from my cow

Took Jenny some baby carrots but she did not really like them

The farmer giving his dad's cows some hay

The cows heading to the hay

could not resist taking more pictures of the baby!

we think the baby is a girl
Well I guess I am ready for spring but I would not mind seeing one more snow!


  1. Vicki, your pictures are beautiful. They could be post cards! I love your farm...and that baby donkey! And a baby cow! "sigh"! Love, Henny

  2. You certainly do have spring! Enjoy it!

  3. It may be Red but there is a chance for snow March 1st.


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