Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I have nothing to say that is so weird! I have been having one of those days that I am a little off. I am in between of be down in the dumps and being happy. I have been doing a lot of reminiscing today thinking about when I was young. I was remembering playing with my cousin Kim when I was little. We lived with my granny when I was little off and on and I loved always having a playmate. Even though she was a little over 5 years older than me we had a great time together. So I just called her so we could talk for a little while.
Me and Kim playing in a sandbox.
I don't have any more pictures of us playing but we had the best time. I remember us making play houses in the woods. Raking all of the leaves out of the rooms making them look like rooms. Kim had a metal kitchen set that we would set up in the kitchen. We would break off dog fennel and put it between strings to make walls. There was a trash pile in the woods between her house and granny's house were we would get stuff for our kitchen. We had the best times. It is so sad to me that cousins do not get to play with each other like they use to when we were young.


  1. Oh, that is the sweetest picture. I've missed you again Vicki. I don't know why there has been so much going on lately. I finally put a post on my blog, but it's not worth reading. I need to do better. We've been busy and had company too. Love you Vicki. Aunt Melba

    1. All of your blog post are worth reading. I Love you and you and I are a lot alike worrying about what others think.

      Love you with all my heart


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