Thursday, February 27, 2014


Family is very important to me and I still think like when I was a kid and family still gathered and cousins played. Things have changed so much because now days we have social media, cell phones to text and share pictures and family time just get thrown to the way-side. I know a lot of my family has gone on to be with God and I miss them so much but when your parents have passed then your extended family lose interest to visit. Also we are all getting older and making it difficult to go places. I do still use a land line telephone though and call my aunts and talk with them because I do miss my family.
my family
I have also got to mention that a dear family friend son has viral meningitis and has been in a comma for over a week. Lisa Kennedy Beasley is a very good friend. She can play the piano by ear and she played and sang in my wedding and at my dad's funeral. I love her dearly. Dear God, Please watch over her son and lay your healing hands upon him and bring him out of the comma so that he can get well and be with his family and friends. Amen


  1. Moving away really puts up a big challenge for family interaction.We have to work at it or we lose it,

  2. I love family too. It does seem like we don't get together like we used to. Prayers for your friends son.

    1. Thank you Karen he is still in a comma and needs all the prayers he can get.


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