Sunday, February 16, 2014

A New Donkey

My mother and father in-law has a new baby donkey. We went over and took its mama Jenny an apple and some cornbread muffins. The baby is so cute. As soon as they can tell if it is a boy or girl it will have a name. The word is if it is a girl her name might be Valentine and a boy his name might be Eeyore.
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  1. So adorable! Love then name choices!

  2. Hey Vicki! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. It looks friendly. Oh I want one so bad! I haven't been on the computer in two days. Dan was off work today. Shelby and Jimmy came and got a big truck load of firewood. They may come back tomorrow for another load. I will be glad to get all that wood out of the back yard. We were all worn out. I just remembered that you were going to post pictures of the donkey. I'm so glad I checked! I love you! Aunt Melba

    1. Henny the baby is so sweet. We went over today to see it and it came right up to me and let me rub its sweet little head. My mother-in law went with me and we both think that it is a girl. Tell Shelby and Jimmy hello for me. Love you


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