Thursday, February 27, 2014


Family is very important to me and I still think like when I was a kid and family still gathered and cousins played. Things have changed so much because now days we have social media, cell phones to text and share pictures and family time just get thrown to the way-side. I know a lot of my family has gone on to be with God and I miss them so much but when your parents have passed then your extended family lose interest to visit. Also we are all getting older and making it difficult to go places. I do still use a land line telephone though and call my aunts and talk with them because I do miss my family.
my family
I have also got to mention that a dear family friend son has viral meningitis and has been in a comma for over a week. Lisa Kennedy Beasley is a very good friend. She can play the piano by ear and she played and sang in my wedding and at my dad's funeral. I love her dearly. Dear God, Please watch over her son and lay your healing hands upon him and bring him out of the comma so that he can get well and be with his family and friends. Amen

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I have nothing to say that is so weird! I have been having one of those days that I am a little off. I am in between of be down in the dumps and being happy. I have been doing a lot of reminiscing today thinking about when I was young. I was remembering playing with my cousin Kim when I was little. We lived with my granny when I was little off and on and I loved always having a playmate. Even though she was a little over 5 years older than me we had a great time together. So I just called her so we could talk for a little while.
Me and Kim playing in a sandbox.
I don't have any more pictures of us playing but we had the best time. I remember us making play houses in the woods. Raking all of the leaves out of the rooms making them look like rooms. Kim had a metal kitchen set that we would set up in the kitchen. We would break off dog fennel and put it between strings to make walls. There was a trash pile in the woods between her house and granny's house were we would get stuff for our kitchen. We had the best times. It is so sad to me that cousins do not get to play with each other like they use to when we were young.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


As much as I love spring and the beginning of new life. Flower and trees budding out and warmer weather I still love winter. I love snow!!! The farmer's cousin lives in Minnesota and they are having a blizzard right now. His wife just posted pictures and the snow is beautiful!
Is this not beautiful!!!
Sometime I think I was suppose to live where there is a lot of snow. I know that they are ready for spring. She always as beautiful flowers in the spring and summer!
We got out and enjoyed the warm weather today while trying to dodge the mud. I took some pictures.
My buttercups are starting to bloom

The farmer heading home after having to fix a broken feeder

My calf from my cow

Took Jenny some baby carrots but she did not really like them

The farmer giving his dad's cows some hay

The cows heading to the hay

could not resist taking more pictures of the baby!

we think the baby is a girl
Well I guess I am ready for spring but I would not mind seeing one more snow!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A New Donkey

My mother and father in-law has a new baby donkey. We went over and took its mama Jenny an apple and some cornbread muffins. The baby is so cute. As soon as they can tell if it is a boy or girl it will have a name. The word is if it is a girl her name might be Valentine and a boy his name might be Eeyore.
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines and Taxes

Friday February 14, 2014 Valentines Day and we had our taxes filled out. We had dreaded going to the tax appointment because when you run a farm you never know how it will turn out. This year since it was on Valentines Day the Farmer and I decided to celebrate afterwards. Our tax appointment actually turn out a lot better than we expected and she things that we will be good for next year to. This makes our date night a lot more happy! We wanted to go out and eat at Texas Roadhouse, Longhorn Steak house or Olive Garden but all 3 places had lines out the door and I really hate standing in line so we decided to try Panera Bread. I had the Naples Almond Chicken Salad sandwich and it was delicious. We went and got the boys some Valentine goodies and I got some of my favorite candies like orange slices, smarties, and dark chocolate. I regret eating it now because I have a tooth ache and feel terrible.
Me and the Farmer

Me and the Farmer

Me and the Farmer
My Valentine Tree

Friday, February 14, 2014

It Snowed 3 days in a row

I am so excited we had snow three days in a row. I love snow and I loved watching it fall. I wish the boys loved sledding but they don't. We did go out and ride on the mule in though and that was fun.
First day of snow.

2nd day of snow

2nd Day of Snow

2nd day of snow

2nd day of snow

5 inches of snow and the first time I got to use my snow measure that I made with the boys at school

3rd day of snow

3rd day of snow

3rd day of snow

3rd day of snow

Riding on the mule

We had a great time in the snow riding around. It started melting some today and now we have a muddy mess. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


It is snowing again!! I love snow and I am so happy that it is snowing during the day so that I can see it. I am so ready to go out and play in it. But I have a deep dark secret..... Yeah right!! My sons do not like to go outside unless they are riding on the mule or in a vehicle. I get them all dressed and myself and get out the door and it is no time Clay wants to come in. Having children with fragile x is always a challenge and most of the time you pick and choose what you want to tackle.

We did not end up getting but about of 1 inch of snow. I hope that it brings more tomorrow. If so I will post pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

God Grandparents

Today the Farmer and I have be asked to be God Grandparents to a sweet little boy that I absolutely love!!

Jace Duckworth
I have known his mom Jamie Lauren Turner Duckworth for around 5 years. She is a great girl that has grown in to a beautiful wife, and mother. She has a special place in my heart for always thinking about Seth my oldest son. She was also born the day after Seth a year later. I went to high school with her mom.

This is Jamie, Casey and Jace on her wedding day.
She honored this role as God Grandparents because she knows that I will never have grandchildren and she wants to share babies with me. I am so happy. I always think about not getting to have a grandchild so this touches my heart more than I can. 

Photo challenge for February

I enjoyed my photo challenge so much that I decided to keep it up. I have struggled with this a little more trying to capture the perfect picture. You would think simple words would be easy to take a picture of but I want to make myself think and get a good picture. I mean how hard can red be?? There are so many red things in this world but I made it hard. We took a ride in the country looking for the perfect red item and I found this red building. I got the farmer to turn around and ride by it slowly so that I could take a picture of it.
I though it was cool even with the blur.

But I ended up using this one.

The second day was shadow. I went out side and took pictures of mine and Farmers shadow but we looked short and fat. I tried shadows of a tree but I really did not want a tree. I took a picture of the corner coffee table with the shadows on the wall and the deer head shadow. I was not impressed with any of them but settled for this one
Deer shadow

Me and the Farmer

I even tried putting eye shadow on one eye

Corner table shadow

Yesterday was Gathering. I took a piece of tulle and gathered it but you could not really tell that I did that. I took a picture of the curtain gathered up at the top but that just did not seem right. So at the last minute I decided on a box of sticks, pinecones, and seed pods to take a picture of.

Today is circle. I decided to do mine and farmers wedding bands "Circle of Love".
I used the Bible that farmer received for graduation and my flower bouquet that I carried when I got married.
I took several pictures and this is what I came up with.

This one has my head shadow in it.

Not sure of which on to use or if I should find a better shot of an circle or should I say more unique.