Monday, October 28, 2013

Weight loss update...

I have had my ups and downs on my eating and exercising. I have days that I eat way over my calories and don't do any real exercise, but I am happy to say as of today I have lost 22.8 pounds. I am doing it slow and steady around 2 pounds a week and I have been at it 51 days which is 7.28 weeks. I am still overweight but I am 22 pound less overweight. I still have 54.2 more pounds to go to get to my personal goal. This was taken last year around Christmas
Last year close to Christmas

Me 22.8 pounds lighter

I know that you can not tell that much difference but I am proud of myself.  This is also not a good picture of myself I tried taking it myself with the timer on my camera so it is not the best, but I was posing in the first one and it is not much better. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

I wants....

My Aunt Henny Penny inspired me to write this blog entry. She was sharing in her blog that she would love to have a miniature donkey. I would love to have more animals on my farm all we have are 3 cows and a bull.
Jimmy our bull!

We have 2 chicken houses with 40 thousand chickens in them. We had goats at one time but they kept getting their horns caught in the fence. We use to have a dog but we don't have a dog any more "Jack". 

Jack was a Jack Russell Terrier and he was the sweetest dog ever but he was a mess! One night he was on the back deck barking and we went out to tell him to hush. He did but the next morning he was missing. Frank hunted for him every where, but with no luck in finding him. We have no clue what happen to him, if someone took him, something got him, or any thing else. We have talked about getting another dog and I really want one but I am scared something might happen to him. We talked about getting an Blue Heeler.  

 This a a picture I found on the internet of a puppy. I read up on them and they love to herd, and are loyal to only one person and needs to be trained. Well we have lots of cows in our neighborhood and we don't need a dog out chasing neighbors cows and breaking their legs. I would love another house dog like my poodle "Tela" 
She was a teacup poodle. She was my baby for a long time and she got tick fever and the vet could not save her. Also Frank does not want another house dog and I don't know if I am up to house training another dog and I am not sure what Seth and Clay would think about having a house dog.   I want another dog but I just don't know when and if I am up to. 
My father in law bought himself a jenny donkey for his farm. She is sweet and a little shy. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

spider webs

This morning on our morning walk I noticed a spider web on one of the fans on the chicken house. There is always spider webs at the chicken house all year round but this is the first time I had ever saw one on the fan. I took some pictures and it is kind of hard to see what I am talking about but maybe you can figure it out. The fan size is 36 inches and the spider web practically covered the whole fan.

The fan is running and making the web blow out. I could not see the spider but the web is beautiful! 
It would have been built during the day when the fan was off for the other fans (tunnel fans) were running. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

What a beautiful day

Today has been a great day. I have not done to great with my food today but I have lost 2 pounds this week making that a total of 18 pounds total. Yay but I am no where close to losing enough to be healthy. We went to Bojangles today and I had 4 chicken strips and a hot delicious Bojangles biscuit. I would have been okay except I had a bag of honey barbecue chips 450 calories!!! Don't we deserve junk food sometimes or are we just fooling ourselves? I still had 54 calories left and I could have ate a salad or something low calorie instead of making oyster stew. I have been wanting an oyster stew since it got cooler weather so I made it and man was it delicious!!, but now I feel guilty. I walked on my treadmill everyday this week but today. I may still go and walk before the night is over. I really hate walking on the treadmill. I wish I was not scared of the dark and I would go outside and walk tonight but I am a scaredy cat. I really hate sweating right before bed time. I will let you know tomorrow if I make myself walk tonight.

Today we went to the Uhwarrie Mountain Festival. It was a beautiful day for it. We had a good time walking around and looking at the booths that were set up. I love spending time with my family. To make the day even better Frank killed a deer. Yay!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Today feels like a real fall day. The winds is blowing leaves around and there is a chill in the air. We went out this morning and got a Hardee's biscuit and a small coke only 394 calories because only drank a little bit of the drink. So I did want any loyal dieter would do I walked on my treadmill until I burnt 313 calories.

I made chili beans and sweet potato pie. Yummy!! 

 Man I need to clean out my oven. I am so glad I don't have many followers LOL.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A few things that make me Happy!!

Red Delicious Apples

Persimmon Pudding

Spaghetti Squash

Persimmon Seed with a spoon shape in the middle

I split open a persimmon seed today to see what was in the center. I have never heard of that you can predict the weather with it. 

Persimmon seeds are flattened.  In order to use this "weather forecasting method", one splits a persimmon seed parallel to the flattened sides.  Once split, the appearance little whitish sprout is examined.  The sprout generally forms a "fork", "knife", or "spoon".  

If one sees the fork, it means a mild Winter.  

If one sees a spoon, it means a lot of snow for the upcoming Winter.  

If one sees a knife, it means cold Winter winds are ahead.

I hope that this is true!! I would love a lot of snow! I love snow and it will be even better know that we don't have to go to work!! The only thing that can be bad is if the power goes off. Raising chickens and no power is very stressing for Frank!