Friday, August 9, 2013

New Position in my life....

Wednesday I went and resigned from my teacher assistant job that I struggled with. I have been in this position for almost seven years. I have loved each child just like they were my own. I have loved the job even with the ups and downs of teachers. I sometimes think I may be hard to get along with but I honestly don't think its me.The stress of 3 new teachers, my best buddy (like family) teacher assistant retired and Clay feel apart from the drama and changes that happened in the last 3 school years. By the end of this past school year Clay would not stay in the room for nothing. He would go out and sit in the swing all day, just coming in for lunch. He also had gotten were he would not keep his shirt on and also pulling his pants down. I can not be his mom and teacher at school especially when the rest of the staff did not understand. I know in my heart I have made the right decision to quit and stay home with my sons but it is scary with all of the change. I have always known that my life would always revolve around my sons and I do not resent my decision. I love my family!

Clay's First year of high school. 


  1. Good for you Vicki. You are a good wife and mother, and always have been. It is amazing how you do all that you do. Love you Vicki.
    Aunt Melba

  2. Hey Vicki! I am so glad to have found your blog. I knew you were working on one (awhile back) but never saw the URL to it until recently! You did the right thing. You are awesome, and my hat is off to you girl! You are an amazing mama -- like a mama bear -- and no one else could have done such an amazing job at raising your boys!! Love, Lynn

  3. Wow, Vicki! This is a loss to the school for sure, but I am happy for you! You are such a wonderful mom/teacher/person. Love ya!


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