Saturday, August 10, 2013


I have recently found a blog written by my dad sister. I have always love my Aunt Melba she is a wonderful person inside and out. I remember some great times with her and her girls. Two of my most vivid memories are; one time I went to the beach with Aunt Shelby,  Aunt Melba and their families. My Aunt Melba has very beautiful long black hair (down to her butt long). I had a sucker and was leaning over the front seat like I often did as a child. I dropped my sucker in her hair (oh no). I remember how scared I was to tell her that my sucker was in her beautiful hair. "Melba I whispered tapping on her shoulder." The car was full of kids so she did not hear me. Once again "Melba, I whispered again" this time she hears me and I am about to tear up and say I dropped my sucker in your hair. I could tell she was upset but she was sweet and said it would be okay that she will get it out. I also remember the time we were in the car together Melba, Andee', Lynn, my mom, Cindy, and Randy, and me. We were heading from Aberdeen to Rockingham. I was burping eggs all the way! We laughed and rolled the windows down. I have spent summers with her and my cousins and had some great times. I love my Aunt Melba! I am also getting to know my grandma by reading her blog. I feel horrible that I don't know these things about my grandma. I feel like I was cheated out of knowing her and I am not sure why. I know my dad was an alcoholic and for majority of my life we would take dad to grandma's and leave him for the weekend. I never got grandma time. I would just see her brief periods at a time. She was always nice to me and I loved her but I missed out on really getting to know her.  I hope that my aunt continues to write in her blog so I can get to know my grandma and the rest of my dad's family. He told a few childhood stories but that is for another day.


  1. Vicki, this is so funny!! I remember those times like it was yesterday!! How could I get mad at you over a sucker stuck in my hair!!! And the eggs!! I needed this laugh today!!!
    Aunt Melba
    (I can just see you at that age, leaning over the front seat) I love you

  2. Vicki, I think alcohol in the family cheated many of us. Looking at you from the outside, I feel like you were one of the cousins just like the rest of us. Not sure if I am saying that right, but I know grandma loved you so much, and she loved us all the same. We were all in it equally and together!! I think often we don't know how someone else feels, or what their struggles were, and when we find out, we wish we could have done more to make a difference. In spite of it all, I think we all have TRUE GRIT from growing up like we did! Love you! Lynn


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