Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Well I have had a pretty good long weekend. School is slowly coming to an end. There is only 9 more days for me to work. I am looking forward to not having to get up early and being home this summer but I am going to have to find something I can do that is cheap, that me and the boys can do, and find the energy and courage to do it. Today has been a long and depressing day to me. I have not had anyone to talk to on the phone. Clay does not like to do anything out side much and most of the time it is to much trouble to even attempt to take him out side. I really wish I could get us a pool or a pool pass to take us everyday. But I know this is not a reality, because I hate going by myself, and Seth hates going to the pool and clay would eventually get very of sick of it! I hate going to the zoo. So what will we do???