Friday, July 15, 2011

VBS this week

This has been a great week! The boys really enjoyed going to Smyrna VBS this week. They love going to Joan's church for bible school. Seth has loved going with the Backyard Busters to visit and help clean the elder members of the church. He loves seeing the girls. Clay did good today even without Ashley being there. He even sit with his tribe on the stage with out me this year. The only bad thing that happen this week was that we had a chance to go to the beach with Joan early this morning (Friday) and stay over night and come back Saturday night, but someone had to pout and try to make us feel guilty for wanting to go somewhere. He is a great person but really, he is so ridiculous. I hate being trapped smothered and not able to make decision without a guilt trip. I mean I am 44 years old and still feel 4 oh well.

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