Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well today was a bust for doing the things I said I would I am still working on how to tackle the things I want to accomplish. Today I mainly rested. I read a book that I have had for a long time, I caught up on stuff I had DVR , and I cleaned on the house some. I have not been worth a lot today. I did get Clay to make kool-aid today. He did a good job with it. We went outside and watched his daddy mow the yard. Clay loves to do this. But for most part Clay and I have not done very much. I might just keep working on the things I want to do and really enforce them when we get back from the beach. Seth has done his thing today too. Days like today I feel like it is summer and why do I want to push my kids? What do I really want from them? For most part they do what they are told with an exception of a meltdown here and there with Clay. I will figure this out and it will be a great summer and I will get things accomplished. I am just slow at getting started. But I could look at it like this. I did say I was going to read several books that I have been wanting to read. I did this today. I worked my flowers some and I wanted to do more yard work. LOL oh well I will stop here. I might go take a walk on my treadmill. I really needs some exercise today.

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