Thursday, November 29, 2018

December is coming.....

I guess I should have said Christmas is coming. I love decorating and all things Christmas. I love The Christmas true story. I love all the Christmas movies and cartoon. I decorated my house before Thanksgiving this year because I found a new tree I wanted. I have already told my mother in law that she can not get rid of any of her Christmas decoration until she ask me if I want it first. She has some great things too. Well I guess I need to go back a little. We had a great Thanksgiving lots of food and good company. We ate at my mother in laws and the farmer's sister and her family was there. Both nephews were able to come. They are both in the Marines and one of them is fixing to be deployed for 8 months. My sister in law is improving from her heart attack but it has been a long slow recovery.

I finished up my latest Beach body workout LIIFT 4 and started it over for a second round. I I really enjoyed it. It looks like I am going to finish this year with out losing a pound that I gained last year. it makes me so frustrated with myself because I do workout so hard. I am so committed to exercise and just can not commit myself to eating healthy. I love food what can I say.

The Farmer's green thumb is still working just look at the collard he grew this year.

It has been so cold the last few days. It was nice that it warmed up some today. I have been making stuff with my cricut. I finally figured out how to use it. The older i get I have more anxiety and it makes me feel like I can not do anything. Well the Farmer sat down with me one evening and he and I made some things and ever since I feel more confident with it. Here are a few things that I have made.

my water bottle

a decal for the Farmers gun

a window decal

a window decal

a sign I hung over my bed

water bottles for my nephews 


Christmas ornaments 
The Farmers new shirt

Well this leads me back to Christmas decorations.

I found this beautiful Santa at the Albemarle market place I wish you could see the details. The picture does not show.

My new tree

Well If you lasted this long thanks for stoping by. 

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  1. Can you believe it's December? The days are flying, aren't they? I don't know what a "cricut" is but you sure made some pretty things with it. I've never heard that word before. Vicki, I love all your trees. You make me want to put up one more. I got the living room decorated today and our one little tree. Maybe I'll cut a small real tree and put it up. That is the biggest collard I've seen in my life! That one would have won a blue ribbon at the state fair!! Bet it took a big pot to cook that one. :) I love you Vicki!!


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