Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pots and baby dolls

It is our first weekend being with out chickens. Yay!! We went to Abelmarle today and got us a Whispering Pines barbecue and hush puppies!! We ate in the park it was a very nice day. We went to The Market Place, the antique and junk store. I love stores like this. I had two things I wanted to find for myself and the boys had things they wanted. I found a baby doll in here last year right before Christmas and I toted it around the whole time with Seth not wanting me to get it until I finally put it back. I was so sad that I did this and wished so many time I had not listen and bought it. Well that is water under the bridge. Today I wanted a big pot and I have had my eyes open looking for a babydoll every time we go. Well I find a baby today.  She is a Effanbee babydoll, and she has odd color eyes. They look almost pink. She also came with this little chair. I really like her. 

I also got this pot. I am always needing a big pot to cook stuff in to get ready to can. 

Our peas are ready to pick. We planted some calico peas that we found in grandmas's freezer. They are pretty peas. I can not wait to cook some and eat them tomorrow. 

They make me think of my dad. He loved to boil the in the hulls and it them like boiled peanuts. 

I will close here. It is getting late 12:37 a.m to be exact. I need to go to bed. Sunday school in the morning. 

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  1. Oh Vicki! I love the baby doll. She is so pretty and unusual looking. Now you've got a little girl. :) I just love to pick up and hold a doll. I've never heard of those peas before. They are pretty and look like they will be delicious. Peas (not green peas) are one of my favorite vegetables. Peas and corn! I could probably live off those two things...and cornbread. I didn't know Jackie liked to boil peas in the pod and eat them. I want to try that. Vicki, I've been trying to think of the name of the store where we got the greenhouse. They send out catalogs, but there is a store in Raleigh too. We only paid 300.00 for that little greenhouse and I have really enjoyed it. Well, you take care. I love you.


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