Sunday, August 27, 2017

Falling off the Wagon....

I started a new devotion from Wellness Revelation Alisa Keeton. I am starting the 3rd week tomorrow. It is a really good devotion on getting closer to God. I started of strong reading the book, reading my bible and journaling. There are questions to answer along with tracking your food. I tracked my food everyday until Thursday August 24. That was the last day I tracked my food. I have been out of control every since.

I had also started a new exercise program Shift Shop with Chris Downing. It is only 3 weeks 21 days with a food program to go with it. I started off strong 25 minutes long the first week. 2nd week is 35 minute workouts and the 3rd week is 45 minute workouts. I had 3 days Monday, Wednesday and Friday of speed (cardio). 3 days of strength (weights) Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with 12 minutes of Core on Thursday and Saturday. I started strong and did not finish the last 2 days.  

I had not had any cookies, or sweets except my 3 blocks of chocolate everyday. I had not had a soda of any kind in over 2 weeks and I fell of the wagon hard. 

I have been eating cookies, peanut butter crackers, and drinking can coke. I had 2 barbecue sandwiches Saturday and they were so yummy with 3 yummy hushpuppies. 

In my challenge group I had to take before pictures and after picture and there is no change that you can see in the pictures. I did not lose any weight. I have not checked the inches yet but I am pretty sure no inches lost either. I have got to stop making excuses and using my emotions to determine what I should eat or not eat. I need to stay healthy and clean. This year is coming to an end faster than I would like. I have only lost a little weight this year so far and really wanted to do better. September the 1st is 4 days away and I wanted to be 180 by then and it will not happen. I have got to focus on my eating habits more than my exercise. Like they say diet (food intake) in 80% and exercise is 20% and I have been doing the opposite. Now it is time to change this. New challenge group to start in the morning. New week to start in the devotion and a new month coming this week. Time for change. Let's do this!! Prayers please.

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