Sunday, August 27, 2017

Falling off the Wagon....

I started a new devotion from Wellness Revelation Alisa Keeton. I am starting the 3rd week tomorrow. It is a really good devotion on getting closer to God. I started of strong reading the book, reading my bible and journaling. There are questions to answer along with tracking your food. I tracked my food everyday until Thursday August 24. That was the last day I tracked my food. I have been out of control every since.

I had also started a new exercise program Shift Shop with Chris Downing. It is only 3 weeks 21 days with a food program to go with it. I started off strong 25 minutes long the first week. 2nd week is 35 minute workouts and the 3rd week is 45 minute workouts. I had 3 days Monday, Wednesday and Friday of speed (cardio). 3 days of strength (weights) Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with 12 minutes of Core on Thursday and Saturday. I started strong and did not finish the last 2 days.  

I had not had any cookies, or sweets except my 3 blocks of chocolate everyday. I had not had a soda of any kind in over 2 weeks and I fell of the wagon hard. 

I have been eating cookies, peanut butter crackers, and drinking can coke. I had 2 barbecue sandwiches Saturday and they were so yummy with 3 yummy hushpuppies. 

In my challenge group I had to take before pictures and after picture and there is no change that you can see in the pictures. I did not lose any weight. I have not checked the inches yet but I am pretty sure no inches lost either. I have got to stop making excuses and using my emotions to determine what I should eat or not eat. I need to stay healthy and clean. This year is coming to an end faster than I would like. I have only lost a little weight this year so far and really wanted to do better. September the 1st is 4 days away and I wanted to be 180 by then and it will not happen. I have got to focus on my eating habits more than my exercise. Like they say diet (food intake) in 80% and exercise is 20% and I have been doing the opposite. Now it is time to change this. New challenge group to start in the morning. New week to start in the devotion and a new month coming this week. Time for change. Let's do this!! Prayers please.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pots and baby dolls

It is our first weekend being with out chickens. Yay!! We went to Abelmarle today and got us a Whispering Pines barbecue and hush puppies!! We ate in the park it was a very nice day. We went to The Market Place, the antique and junk store. I love stores like this. I had two things I wanted to find for myself and the boys had things they wanted. I found a baby doll in here last year right before Christmas and I toted it around the whole time with Seth not wanting me to get it until I finally put it back. I was so sad that I did this and wished so many time I had not listen and bought it. Well that is water under the bridge. Today I wanted a big pot and I have had my eyes open looking for a babydoll every time we go. Well I find a baby today.  She is a Effanbee babydoll, and she has odd color eyes. They look almost pink. She also came with this little chair. I really like her. 

I also got this pot. I am always needing a big pot to cook stuff in to get ready to can. 

Our peas are ready to pick. We planted some calico peas that we found in grandmas's freezer. They are pretty peas. I can not wait to cook some and eat them tomorrow. 

They make me think of my dad. He loved to boil the in the hulls and it them like boiled peanuts. 

I will close here. It is getting late 12:37 a.m to be exact. I need to go to bed. Sunday school in the morning. 

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Praying Mantis and Persimmons

It was so hot today. I went outside and was just standing in the yard and sweating. I feel really bad for the ones who have to work outside in this heat. Ok enough whining. We went out to grandma's to check on the tomatoes and get some potatoes. The tomatoes are done the heat and some kind of weird looking bug is sucking spots on them. But my cotton is so pretty! The Farmer took pictures of me and the cotton.
Me with the cotton

One short row the other is behind me

I can not wait until it actually has cotton on it. I hope to make some crafts with it. We also looked at the persimmon trees. It is unbelievably how big they are. 
Size of a ping pong ball

There are limbs almost touching the ground.

This limb broke out of the tree. Look how many is on it. 
We also saw the biggest praying mantis today. 

back side of it

Isn't it so beautiful. 
I bought me a cute little solar lantern Sunday. I need to turn my flash off and take a picture of it in the dark. Hey this reminds me see the little hydrangea plant growing down below. I rooted this off another plant that I have not had any luck getting it to bloom. I hope that this one will grow and bloom one day. 

I started my new devotion and I am really liking it so far. I have been 2 days without cookies and trying hard not to eat after supper. I hope that I can really make this commitment and lose some weight before August is over. 

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

August around the farm...

I can not believe how fast August is passing by. Here it is already August 12. It has been hot and dry around here. Our pastures were getting dry and weedy. We got a little rain today and it was nice but it made it so humid outside.

This is a picture of the peach tree in the rain today.
The garden has slowed down a lot we are only getting a few tomatoes. The Farmer is talking about planning a salad patch and collards. I am ready for some. I walked around in the yard today and took a few pictures. 
Our big and little Crepe Myrtle tree

Look how big our lemon grass got

Cows eating some hay

Hummingbird plant at grandma's house. 

Tame blackberry vines. Hope we have some blackberries next year.
We have had an adventurous grocery trip one day. Our youngest son has to take his favorite toy balls with him when we go somewhere. While in the car he puts them between him and the door. Well we went to the grocery store in Troy and the Food Lion is on a hill. Well the Farmer open the door and out bounced the balls. He was trying to catch them but some of the got away. There was a family getting in the car next to us and they caught to of them but Buzz light year rolled down the hill and out onto HWY 24 27 going toward Albemarle. Well that one is gone. We went on in the store and got our groceries and we left. When pulling out of the parking lot the Farmer spotted the ball on the curb of the road. The Farmer turned around and went back and rescued Buzz from the busy HWY. That is a true fathers love! I love this man!!

We picked the apples off our trees. I have got to figure something out to do with them. 

I made apple pies cooked on the griddle one night.
I made my first batch of concord grape jelly was so proud of my self.

I am starting a new bible study Monday. I am excited about it. I went to a funeral for my dear friend Joan Powers mother passed away. Dot Moore Garner. The funeral was beautiful and really made me think about how she was remembered. As a God loving woman, humble and devoted to God and her church. She was a wonderful wife to her husband Jimmy Garner and 2 daughters Sandy and Joan. It made me think of how will I be remembered. I want to be remembered a one of God's servers and I hope that I will. Here is my new bible, devotion and journal.

I can not wait to start. 
I want to get closer to God and learn to be his server. 

My mother in law had a spot on her forehead removed the first of August and it came back cancerous. She had to go back this week and have more removed. Please keep her in your prayers that she will be ok. 

Well God bless you all and thanks for stopping by to read my blog.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Count down to First Colonoscopy

I have been fine with turning 50 until I went for my wellness check up and the doctor informed me now that I am 50 you need to have a colonoscopy. I am on my 3 day prior were all I can eat is meat, potatoes, bread, pasta and rice. The first day I was like really all these veggies and fruit and I can not eat them. Also was trying not to eat so many carbs. I went and bought a loaf a bread and 1lb of roasted turkey to help me out and I am not a big sandwich eater. When I went to get my jug of meds I was like really you have got to be kidding me. I really don't want to do this but I feel like to be healthy it is necessary. My appointment is Wednesday. I dread the liquid diet day. Why am I doing this again????

I had to drink it all!

and I did

Water, coke zero, and chicken broth Yummy!!!

Well it happen and I am glad it is over. I had 3 polyps removed and they say I need to eat more fiber in my diet. I told them I eat a lot of veggies and fruit already. Oh well. I am starting a new exercise routine Monday and getting stricter on my diet. Here it is August 6 and I have got to get into a better eating routine. I  hope This is going to be a great month.

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