Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Well things have been moving right along around the farm. I got over ran with zucchini and green beans so I got the Farmer to mow them down. I froze several pack of shredded zucchini and spaghetti the zucchini. I hope I remember to use it this winter. We still have cucumbers coming in I have put up 4 gallons of pickles so far. I would love to find a good sweet gherkins pickle recipe. Our tomatoes have end rot really bad I finally got enough to make my first batch of salsa tonight.  I got 17 pints .

We have been getting some spaghetti squash but the two I have cooked so far did not string out like spaghetti. They tasted good though. We dug our potatoes and they are so good. They have blown my idea of eating less carbs all to crap. But I have had some yummy baked potatoes, stewed potatoes, and french fries. Oh well. Taters are good.

It has been so hot around here that I don't go out for long periods of time. I usually wait until the evenings to go pick the garden. We usually take a Kawasaki mule ride to cool off. This day the cows were hot to. They were in the pond but the sun was shining on the pond so two calfs were under the pier. 

Well thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well with all of you. 

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  1. What a great harvest. There is nothing like a good potato.


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