Saturday, May 20, 2017

Our garden is growing...

It has been so dry but as I write it is raining... Thank you God. 🙏🏼  The last few days have been hot also. Our fruit trees have apples, the peach  trees little peaches, there are blueberries on the bushes and tiny grapes on the vines. My squash, zucchini and beans are coming up in the garden. I also planted a row of cotton. 

Green beans



More blueberries

Blue berries






We have been seeing snakes in the yard and woods road.

This one is peeking out from under the house

This one was going across the woods road it was 5 foot long

This one was going across the yard
My crepe myrtle has a beetle in it. We looked it up on the internet and it says that it will kill the tree. We have had this crepe myrtle since we move up here 20 something years ago. 

This is saw dust that the beetle is pushing out while it is eating my tree up.

Well I guess I will end here. Not a lot to talk about. Oh I saw a turkey hen at grandma's yesterday and a fawn while I was walking today but they were both to fast for the camera. 

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers Day and being a Klutz!

I want to wish everybody a happy Mother's Day! I had a great one I got some gifts that I needed and wanted.
new tanks, shorts, socks underwear, and shoes 

I have such a big foot!
It was a really good day with a cookout and spending time with the Farmer's mom.

Me and Seth

Me and my boys

Me and Farmer's mom

Farmer and his mom

Clay and mamaw

Me and Clay

It was a great day!! I over ate and I think Clay did to. We have had a stomach ache. Clay woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and I had to get up and check on him. This was around 3 in the morning. I walked into the wall and walked my arm in the door facing. I almost ripped my toes off also. Well i did not sleep well the rest of the night. I had a crazy dream that I was being held hostage and had to draw a paper to tell when we got shot. I drew tomorrow so I left and did not come back to get shot. Well the night finally ended and we got up and went to take the car to have the tires rotated. We ran to Asheboro and got some deck boards. Then I like a dummy walked smack into the boards. I was worried I was going to have a black eye. Now I am worried what I will run into next. 

I finished my 21 day challenge and I lost 5 inches. I am pretty happy about that. I did not lose anymore weight. I hope that I can get the scales to move a little more before vacation time.

Oh I wanted to share some pictures of my mom these are some of the last ones we had taken. I miss her so much. 
Me Seth and mom not long after we all three got out of the hospital. My mom lived almost a year after this picture.

Me Seth and my mom

Cindy, Mom Randy and me

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Groundhog,,, Whistle Pig

We have groundhogs around our farm. I have seen them beside the road but I have not been able to get a picture of one until today. As many of you all know we purchase the Farmer's grandmas farm. There is a groundhog that lives out there and is seen often but is fast. One day the farmer saw it climb a tree. I did not know they could climb. Well it has gotten use to seeing him and does not seem quite as shy. This evening we decided to go out and check on the potatoes and the garden of tomatoes, bell peppers, spaghetti squash and green beans. Our potatoes are really growing and are starting to bloom. We also have snow peas planted in our raised bed here at our house. We will eventually plant the garden here at our house to. But back to the story of the groundhog. We looked at the garden and we kept looking to see if we could see the ground hog. The Farmer saw it poke its head out of the hole that it has int he building out there. I got a picture of it there first. We left for a minute to go out to the pastures and see the cows and then came back by. Then we stopped and saw 2 of them in the brush pile. I was so excited. I got pictures of both of them.

the groundhog peeping out of the hole

sitting at the edge of the brush pile 

one of the sitting up top of the brush pile

standing guard

snow peas blooming

our potatoes are blooming

The deer left one cabbage

another view of the potatoes

bell peppers and tomatoes


My diet and exercise is still going well. I will write and update soon on it. 

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Monday, May 1, 2017

My Challenge update..

I am on the 2week day one of my challenge. The first 3 days we drank green smoothies.

This was the recipe I followed

Day 1 banana, mango, spinach, earl gray tea, chia seeds

Day 2 spinach, earl gray tea, chia seeds, mango peaches

Day 3 spinach, earl gray tea, chia seeds, strawberries and mango 

I did my exercise everyday and I had success. I lost down to 185.8

slowly but surely
I will measure at the end of the 21 days I am hoping for more weight loss and inches.

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