Sunday, March 5, 2017

Setting Goals....

It is March 5, 2017 and I am not accomplishing any goals. I was making myself discourage looking back at my weight loss and inches lost. Then I looked back at the pounds lost from the over all time when I started my weight loss journey. I know I have shared these pictures before but I don't remember this person. I look at these pictures and think was a really that big???


Then I joined an app on the computer called my fitness pal on April 3 2013 and I logged in my weight at 242 pounds.  So I decide to look through the years that I have been logging in my weight and food in myfittnespal to see how much weight I lost each year. The first year I lost 26.6 pounds

This is me 26.2 pounds lighter
The next year I lost 10 more pounds. 

The next year I actually gained some weight. 

This past year I lost 16.8 pounds the second most that I have lost in the last 4 years. I also measured this past year and I have lost a total of 29 inches all over.  I am losing this weight slow and steady. Very slow, But I am hoping this means that I will finally will be able to keep it off. I really wanted to have a goal to be at my goal by the time I am 50 but with that being just over a month away it will not happen. But I really hope that I will be in my 180's or less. The hardest thing though is losing weight. When I was in my 30s I could lose weight like no tomorrow but it is not easy any more. 

193 pounds!

My problem now is that I can not stick to a healthy eating plan. I love food!! The weight loss bible devotion I just read really opened my eyes to excuses and blame. I can come up with all kinds of excuses everyday why I am eating what I eat. I can blame people like my family saying how hard it is to eat healthy with 3 grown men in the house. When in reality I know that it is no body fault but my own. Please pray with me to encourage me to do this and reach my goals. 

I just pray that once in my life I can set a goal and accomplish it. 

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  1. Vicki, you can do it!!! Weight is so hard to lose and keep off after a certain age. AAAAARGH!! I know I have nothing to complain about, but I used to could eat all I wanted and never gain. Now I gain. Really easily. I just about have to starve myself to lose anything. At least it feels that way. But when I look really closely, it is times I pay no attention whatsoever to portions, or snacking all day, or what I eat. You are right about excuses, blame, etc. When I own up and make myself behave, it all goes okay. With that attitude, my body can handle the occasionally cheat. Well, I am rambling, but you can do this!! I love you. You look awesome! xoxo Lynn


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