Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Out at Grandma's

Went out to grandma's today and trimmed up the unruly grape vines. I love grapes how about you all? We still have some more to trim on the top we did not take a ladder with us.

before trimming

After trimming

The brush afterward

I read my aunts blog yesterday where she wrote about a beautiful Eastern Red Cedar on her property. She writes a really good blog a lot better than mine. You should go check it out sometime http://hennypennylane.blogspot.com I told her there was a beautiful Red Cedar out at grandmas and I would take a picture of it and share. 

Here is the big cedar tree.
me standing beside the cedar

The Farmer hugging the tree.

We also set out some tame blackberry vines yesterday. The Farmer work hard on it. I hope that they will grow fast and we will soon have some blackberries. I love blackberries. My friend gave me a jar of jelly she made this summer and it was yummy!



blueberry bushes

Here are a few pictures in my yard. Most of everything in my yard that blooms came from someone special to me. 
Yellow bells from my granny

The Farmer found these turkey hunting

Shirt button bush from my granny

I am hoping that everything stays pretty and we don't have anymore winter weather. Thanks for stopping by. God bless you all.


  1. Hi Vicki - thanks for your nice comment. So you are Henny's niece...love her blog so much. That tree is amazing, for sure. It's nice that you can visit your grandma's farm and are making wonderful memories. Deb

    1. Hey Deb, Yes Henny is my aunt. Grandmas place is our place now. Grandma died 2 years ago and we purchased it. Thanks you for the complements!

  2. Hi Vicki, lovely photos! I enjoy your aunt's blog very much. Talent runs in the family!
    Have a good day!

  3. Vicki! Oh my! That cedar is huge! I love your photos. There is nothing like the great outdoors. And your blog is great, by the way!
    Love you,

    1. Thank you sweet cousin. Love you dearly!

  4. Vicki, wait until I show Poppy your cedar tree! That is amazing, and makes the cedar tree here look small. You and Frank have a farm like I have always dreamed of having. Frank did a good job on those grapevines, and the blackberries. Y'all are just plain farmers!! I love you Vicki!

    1. Thank you Henny! I love your farm with all of your animals. I hope to get more animals some day. We would love to put the laying hen at grandmas house.
      Love you!


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