Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Beautiful Fall Day...

I am loving this cooler weather and really am looking forward to the first frost. It has been so dry around here that the leaves are not turning a really pretty colors. They are turning yellow and brown with some yellows. We have a frost advisory for tonight and I am hoping that it will get the persimmons to fall on off the tree. Just look at how many are on the tree still.

My brother and his family came for a surprise visit today! I am walking on cloud nine just wish my sister could have came to. I love it when all my family is together. 

We got to ride on the mule, cracked some pecans and they rode on the tractor. It was a great day.

Clay loves riding on the tractor also. Look at Jacks cute face.

Judson looking so cute!

My brother trying out the tractor. 

I am loving the new devotional I am reading. 

Today was day 7 and it made me think. I have only been reading and studying my bible for the last 2 years. and I am trying to make senses and applying everything to  my life.

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  1. We could not survive without our Kubota and bucket...many uses.

    First killing frost this week.

    1. Yes we had our first killing frost also. My husband loves his Kubota to.

  2. Your boys look so cute sitting in the bucket box . . . they are making great childhood memories that will be with them all their life's. What fun!


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