Thursday, October 27, 2016


I can not say that fall is my favorite time of the year. From now until the holidays are over I feel a little down because things will never be the same. After your grandparents and then your parent pass on family just seems to stop getting together the younger generation does not care if their children make fabulous memories with cousins. They don't care if their children have that one favorite aunt or uncle. I miss these things myself and I am nearly 50 years old. I received news this week that my uncle Carlton in getting worse and the children are trying to talk my aunt into putting him in a alzheimer care facility. She is my last aunt on my moms side of the family of 6 children. She will be 82 in December and has had health problems herself and trying to take care of her husband. It is so sad to hear of this kind of news. I am praying everyday for them to make the right decision and for God to comfort them.

Things have been going good around here. We have been getting chicken back. Gathering persimmon and pecans. I have a crisper drawer full of green peppers I need to cut up and freeze. I am a little disappointed in are salad patch this year. It is not doing good at all. The first patch we planted came up pretty and then we started getting rain and the worms eat it and it turned real yellow. So the Farmer plowed it up and planted a new one but then we had hurricane Matthew and received 5 inches of rain and it is not looking good at all. We have a few collard plants that might make something we will have to see.

I think i told you last post that we bought the Farmer's grandma's house. We have been gathering persimmons out there. I have a persimmon tree on our little farm but it is a bull and does not have persimmons. Grandma's has black walnuts which I am thinking about cracking some and making a cake. (In all honesty I don't really like the taste so probably will not happen). It has pecans trees and we have 4 on our farm this makes us now having 8 trees now. This is how many pecans we have gathered so far.

I finally got around to taking some pictures of grandma's.

The angle where the persimmon tree and pecan tree or in the yard

Old wood shed that we hope to clean out soon.

The back side of the house and the well house

Here is Blackie She will not be still for a picture. She is such a sweet kitty.

Oh yeah here is a picture of my dragon leave begonia. This little plant started off one leave about 2 inches big now look at it.

My fig tree that we planted last year has 3 figs on it but I do not think they will get rip before the first frost. 

I just realized that I am so behind blogging that my oldest son had a birthday in September. He turned 24 years old. My husband had a birthday in October he turned 52 and my youngest son has a birthday coming up in November. Here are a few pictures from Seth's 24th birthday.

Seth and the Farmer

Seth and his cool shades

Well that is about all that has been going on around here. I am looking forward to getting ready for Christmas. I will not allow myself to get down like I did last year. I am wanting to make some ornaments this year. 
Thanks for stoping by. I will give a getting healthy update soon.

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