Sunday, August 7, 2016

Vacation and Withdrawal

I love the beach. I could life at the beach all summer but I would only want to do it if I could stay there all summer. My love for the beach began the first time my Aunt Shelby took me to the beach. I still remember the excitement of seeing the ocean for the first time. I remember the fear of the draw bridge worried it would open up when we were on the bridge. Here is a picture of me on the left side. I was so tanned.

My love of the beach grew more and more over the years. My Aunt Betty had a house at the beach and I got to stay summers with her at the beach. I would go and stay from the time we got out of school until it was time to go back to school. I loved this so much! I have had summers when I have not got to visit the beach or stay as long as I would like to but I love the beach. I have some wonderful memories that I hope I will never forget! I am so fortunate to have a family that loves the beach especially my youngest son! He wants to stay packed for the beach at all times. 

We have been home form the beach for a week and I am having horrible withdrawal. I missed the beach so bad but the worst part is trying to get back on track to healthy eating. I have done so good and was down to 193.6

I stopped exercising for a week and I ate everything I wanted I tried not to gorge myself but I did eat a lot of snacks. We ate at River City Cafe 2 times Cheeseburgers all the way and little river shrimp fried.I did not eat all of my fries but it was yummy! We had Jersey Mikes, Zaxby's , and chick-fila. But the snacks is what got me into my withdrawal. We had Tropical Trail mix, Chocolate covered almonds, chocolate cover pretzels, and 2 dozen of Hot Krispy Kream Doughnuts. Yummy!!!! 

When I got home I weight and was back up to 198.6 (so sad) but I was not shocked from everything I ate. I jumped right back into my exercise. Wow it was so hard. But I made myself do them everyday.

I started off fairly well at the beginning of the week. Struggling daily for snacks. By Thursday I was back down to 195 but by then the Farmer had caught up on his farm work and was ready to get away from the house. We bought snacks, ice cream, doughnuts, chocolate and other yummy snacks. While in the meantime my support buddies are posting on Facebook how they past over snacks and unhealthy food and I fell into temptation. I am recommitting this week and I need prayers not to fall into temptation. I need to be strong and get through the junk food junkie withdrawals. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Here are a few pictures of our vacation.
Family picture under the live oaks

are view for the week

My boys

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